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oluwajimi Jan 7
can I stop and go?
baby give me so slow
cause I've been thinking
here is another season
to put out a mystery
sounds like history
don't bother it's poetry
hello poetry  I'm back
oluwajimi Dec 2022
I'm a great poet
I'm number  one i consider  no duet
I say this with no regret
You will hear my name forever. Dont you forget
I am bak to the writing  business  since February you will see more of me
oluwajimi Feb 2022
if you think i write garbage
then i don't give a ****
I write my heart out
I don't stress to rhyme
I am here to stay let that sink to you
sorry if I sound offensive
but let me be defensive
I am better than William Shakespeare himself
oluwajimi Feb 2022
chasing love my admission
living like no contrition
hear me cry
I'm your guy
you make me high
you make me die

Can i get your attention
I wanna put you in a submission
I am a nigerian boy  
You can handle  me like a toy
No need to get coy
Cause i really love that name joy
Happy valentines
oluwajimi Feb 2022
can i get younger
i really wonder
i thought there was a price for getting older
but it's just about moving a bigger Boulder
my whole life I have been told to be tougher
but being 15 just made me madder.
  Jan 2022 oluwajimi
Eshwara Prasad
Trasparent eyelids.
All encompassing vision.
No sleep but only
Star studded nights.
oluwajimi Jan 2022
you were all in my head last year
with your mother's complain toward me. I wasn't good enough for you
my new year resolution
leave my head alone
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