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oluwajimi Oct 19
31 days have been
31 days of sorrow each
Sorry I couldn't make you happy
But at least I made you feel an emotion
oluwajimi Sep 6
I 've got a girl  
She kisses me everyday
Her eyes are like the happy days

The way she holds me
Feels so holy
If our love was compared to the summer days
I bet our love will be better
oluwajimi Aug 25
You give me love using tactics
You draw attention to your self like an artist
I saw you with another guy don't think I didn't notice  
Because every moment I'm with you it's like a practice
I say sorry to you even when it's not my fault
It is what it is, I guess that's my price for being with you
Love does not love me
oluwajimi Aug 23
Rain in summer
Falling in love with you
Writhing a love letter and poem to me
Super odd
oluwajimi Aug 7
We used to play
Just right outside
7 years later you left
And never came back
I still see your
Shadow on the lawn
Now I play by myself
It's really a yawn
Because those memories
Play like a lullaby in my head
I really miss my brother
  Jun 12 oluwajimi
David P Carroll
Remember his bright
Smile and all the happiness
He brought your way so
Let's stop and pray
For Christian Eriksen today
And the Lord Jesus Christ will keep him safe and warm tonight Amen.
Footballer Has Collapsed In The Football Game. 🙏💖💖🙏🙏
oluwajimi Apr 7
Mix a portion of love
With a tiny bit of trust
And patience
That's the chemistry of love
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