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I don't recognize the people I see,
Everyone looks like a stranger to me,
I can't hear what they say, I can't read their lips
What do I do?

Normally I'd hide behind a mask, but at least you saw all of my face
I want to see your smiling faces,
To see the lil dimples in your cheeks, all your crooked an jagged teeth
But all I see is a mask,
Used to a mask was invisible, but now it is made of fabric

I don't like this, I feel like I can't breathe
Masks ****, used to a mask signified sickness
It told others to stay away,
But now it says yeah come talk to me,
Why do we have to wear a mask?
What does it protect you from?

Oh thats right it's suppose to protect you from this virus,
But what if you have asthma? What are we to do?
We can't stay home all day, everyday
But we also can't breathe with the masks on,
Wearing with the masks don't do good, they mainly do bad

I used to know the people I saw in the halls, on the street
But now everyone looks like a stranger to me.
The virus has restricted all of us from a normal an healthy life, it completely *****.
arcee Jul 2019
the coffee's too bitter
and i'm losing my tether
to the world of dreams
grounding me to reality.
i think i want to sleep but
the coffee's too bitter,
and my mind takes a thought
and runs with it.

i'm feeling it, feeling hopeless
bloom in my chest again.
i think that i don't care for once.
****, sadness won't
let me rest again.
i'll just fail for once.
let me fail for once.

i'm tired but the coffee tastes bitter
on my tongue.
i should be studying but
i'm getting so hung
over my spinning mind.
it feels nice to unwind
when you're so high strung.

i'm falling into this black hole,
and i fear that i don't really mind.
so where's the point,
where's the light dawning down on me?
where's my epiphany?

bitter coffee makes me bitter,
makes me sadder,
makes me think harder
about where i'm supposed to be.

now it's 1 am and i can't sleep.
the ice has melted in the cup.
i'm self-admittedly in love with
the idea of not giving a ****.
- i forgot i even wrote this till i found it in my notes two months later
- wrote this when i should've been studying for my calc finals (which i was gloriously failing)
Yordi Apr 2020
Writing my story of 2020
Where this virus Covid took the life’s of many
It started as a joke
We would laugh and take a ****
Weeks passed , questions stuck
In our heads
Could this be true or just a lie
Can this be another hoax
Of the criminal with the eye ?
Just faded writing some stuff at home
Lunar Mar 2020
Why did you make me laugh
Why did you take care of me
Why did you make me feel
When it was never me...

Why did you give me hope
Why did you make me love myself
Why did you show me light
when it was never for me....

Why couldn't it have been me....
Noura Mar 2020
Day switches into night,
Night switches into day.
The ray of sunshine loses its light
From a small squared display.

Through that square, a street appears,
On its cars, gathers dust.
Emptiness fill it, no people, no peers,
The road seems long and unjust.

Locked, in a box of flesh.
Locked, in a box of demands.
Alone time can be fresh,
But nothing compares the outer lands.

Suddenly the sirens turn off,
And the silence, becomes tough.
Michael A Duff Feb 2020
Is there peace in love lost when love is found again

It's not the same as the other was but just as real

The feelings are there but not like before

Did my heartbreak somehow break how I love

Did my heartbreak give me this cancer and lead me to my grave so soon

How can I love the one I do but still think of her so often
I have had a lot of relationships in my 46 years, only one can I say touched me so deeply I never recovered (so far) even though I love the one I'm with it is different my heart I confused I will go to an early grave never figuring it out
Maybe this isn't a poem so much as it is a letter. Not that it's anything new since once upon a time I wrote you a book. I only looked you up because I've been watching a show that has a big display of your type of crazy. It made me think of us for the first time in a very long time. I hate most of the things about you. The way you talk. The things you like. I hate your music, and for the sake of rhyming I hate your stupid ******* bike. I don't know what it was that kept me around for so long. I guess more than anything it was chemistry, not details that drew me in. The great ***. I don't know anymore I haven't thought about it in so long.
Moral of the story is I looked you up today. You've got a new girlfriend and for a second I was jealous. She's not as pretty as I am. Maybe she loves you more; or maybe just for real. All I know is I'm glad we're not together, since I missed you for the first time in years just tonight. There was nothing for me in you. Bye now.
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