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Strying Apr 11

I'm done with this small life
Indoor life
Closed-door life
I wanna shout about it
I wanna tell all my thoughts
and maybe you'll agree upon it!

Now this a hunch
Let me know, what'd you have for lunch
Canned beans?
Oh, that's right.

Stay home kids,
Stay home peeps,
Lessen the curve,
let's do this!

If you're done with this life,
then do somethin' 'bout it.
Stay home!
This will all be over much faster,
If you would,
Stay home!

Hi all! Social distancing helps so please please please try to quarantine as much as possible in your residence/home and only go out for essentials!
Lovelyn Eyo Apr 6
During this fearful wave
please stay safe
to keep the world safe
Look around it seems so quite
Finally, the sound of birds can be heard.
Look around there's no car outside
Rushing to get to the finish line.
Streets are empty, the air is fresh
Breathe in and rest.
Everyone is home it feels so nice
Like someone gave you back your childhood Time.
Use this time to catch up with the friend inside. .
Don't go out please stay inside
We can fight only if we stand unite.
I gaze, at the empty sky,
dotted with birds here and there,
I breathe the fresh air...
It's like the trees afar are waving at me,
The sun is winking.
I've never appreciated nature this much.
As COVID-19 spreads, people are locked in their homes...and nature is regaining its place.
Celebrating Mother Earth, and her stunning wonders.
It's year 2020
And it suddenly seems
That COVID-19 is
Now running the streets

He flew in from China
Off the back of a bat
He danced round in circles,
Eventually crashed...

The details are jaded
In fact nobody cares
How he transferred from bat
To the Human flesh

He's sparked a pandemic
And he's drawn to all those
Who ignore all warnings
Not to get too close!

(Little side note, he's drawn to us all but
finds it much easier to travel via the fools)

COVID-19 let's say...
Corona for ease, he's
Infecting our people
There's no need to sneeze!

He's got it all covered
He's hijacking our air
Needs minimal contact,
Just you to be there

In breathable distance
(He dares you to come close)
Unknowingly contract,
Pass on, double dose

At first you don't feel him
Though he weighs on your chest,
Heavier than you'll know
Until close to death

Some people can fight him
Off better it seems, he
'Prays' on the vulnerable
In contacting these

Who'll pass him on over;
Mum, Dad, Grandad or Nan
The man down the road who
You stopped to shake hands!

The person who's struggling
With another disease;
No room for a Virus
PLEASE don't give to these

The concept is simple
The process a bit hard
But please stay at home,
He's killing us HARD!

It may not be you yet,
Not yet someone you know
But it shouldn't take that...
I want him to go!

Rana DiOrio Mar 22
Go inside.

Not only your home but yourself.

You are being beckoned from within.

The external world has nothing for you now.

It’s time to go inside.

To be.

To feel.

To reflect.

To get real.

To be vulnerable.

To pray.

To forgive.

To meditate.

To listen.

To examine who you’ve become.

To hurt.

To heal.

To let go of what’s holding you back.

To imagine who you want to be.

To be grateful.

To be hopeful.

To love.

To learn.

To grow.

To dream.

Go inside, and stay inside until you are at peace with yourself and our world.
Lucas K Mar 21
Can you hear the world
struggling for its breath?
Can you feel its tears
rushing through your lungs?
Do you share its fears?

Lend your breath to the world.
Fill its lungs with raging hope
and see serenity shining through
the eye of the storm.

no storm’s meant to last.
This one too is here to upset,
to question,
to teach,
and shall eventually pass.
Cné Jun 2017
The smell of rain precedes the storm
that looms out in the west.
The sound of distant thunder
causes racing in my chest.

The temperature begins to drop
as I begin to flee
Seeking shelter from the storm
beneath a lonely tree.

I cower there, although I know
this haven's a mistake.
I know this is a lightning rod
but that's the chance I take.

The clouds, like battlements,
now, tower overhead
they fill my heart with dread.

Drops of rain begin to fall
and plop among the leaves
Followed my the icy hail
that toward my shelter weaves.

A branch has fallen near my crouch
and nearly I am crushed.
My choice to wait beneath the tree
now seems a little rushed.

I stumble out into the storm.  
The rain is driving hard.
Lightning strikes the tree I'd left.  
The trunk is black and charred.

How foolish was my little hike
in spite of warnings thus.
Stay at home when storms approach
or next time...take the bus
Really I was in my car in a terrible storm but it was very scary.
Ignatius Hosiana May 2016
You know you've been away for long when returning feels wrong
when the rough road you left's a beautiful tarmac
and the roadside lantana Kamara's someone's bed of lilacs
you know it's been ages when you feel nostalgia turning pages
when each bend you negotiate brings tears to your eyes
for the skyline's too storied to have a view of the ranges
so that in disappointment you take deep breaths and sighs
you know an eternity has gone by since you set foot there
when the hugs are a doubt for you wonder if folks still care
when the cute little puppy you left is a scabby old *****
and all you can see are graves at the stead to the alleged old witch
you realise time's past when every view matters
so much so that you open your teary eyes without a twitch
when the grass thatched homesteads are tatters
next to mansions trapped betwixt the so called rich
you tell the beautiful generation's gone when you ain't on foot
when soon as you set foot of what was such a lively place
tears of despondence cascade down your alien face
when you don't know where those who survived relocated
but can at least see tombstones in the distance suffocated
by growing bushes, you try to get close but every plant scratches
and you want a closer look much as every **** itches
you know it's been eons when many gather like a scene of crime
for they don't understand you're mourning for lost time
for those who visited the great beyond in your absence
young and the old attempting to speak English, renaissance
you know it's been a while for unlike the days of the old
only the youth show earnest concern, for they're the bold
they who'll try to explain for the elderly the stranger you're
for them old to realise you're one of their own back from a far
you know you've been away for so long when what was a domicile
is just a piece that couldn't be valued due to many a grave
the revelations hurt yet are given in bits for none's that brave
none's brave enough to relay your family's demise in chronology
and luckily someone has a number you can call thanks to technology,
your youngest sister, left a crying baby now married
realising it's you her feelings are an oxymoron
for she obviously sounds nonchalantly worried
and out of words cause you left her nothing but your stolen crayon
you know you've been away for so long when the moment
you so much prayed for turns into a biting torment
for soon as you walk out your car you become a shoulder to cry on
implying that so much has happened while you were away
yet you're too weakened by changes to keep at bay
where are the rest? you can't help but wonder
how a single decade could mean so much plunder
you know you've been away for so long when you have a novel of sorrow
one which reading could consume more than a tomorrow
when you realise you went to the wrong place or right
for you realise you're on your own childhood bed in the night
the then soft spots feeling so hard while you twist and turn
reminding you of the life you've endured whence you couldn't run
you know you've been  away for a while when you can hardly sleep
but you have room to contemplate the gone decade
laugh, wonder, remember but mostly weep
when you wish you had listened when they said
Arabian money wasn't the picture they painted
you know you've been absent when you wish you could rewind
to erase all those grotesque things they made you do
when you want to move the world back to the unwounded you
the one who wasn't sexually abused and ******* tainted
to save you the excruciating and ugly details
you only realise when deafening's the sound of hails
when you loathe rather than treasure the rain
because all it does is remind you of your pain
when you can't stop for yourself feeling sorry
wishing to speak out to the rest yet too ashamed to tell your story

— The End —