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Samantha  Apr 2020
Samantha Apr 2020
please stay safe
John Bartholomew Apr 2020
You'll stand in line,
You'll smile,
You'll politely remark,
You'll wonder, are they infected,
You'll hold in that tiny tickled cough,
You'll look at your watch,
You'll kindly clap the NHS worker at the front of the queue,
You'll think to yourself, your glad that's not you,
You'll wonder if you really need more milk,
You'll ponder about the calories and the deserts not to eat,
You'll puff your cheeks, how much longer here on my feet,
You'll be grateful it's not rations during the war
You'll thank the girl who greets you at the door

For this is a time to be grateful for the key workers and the queues
And not to be dismissive of these lifesaving 2 metre blues


Helena  Apr 2020
A letter to Rona
Helena Apr 2020
A letter to Rona

It was the best of times, it was indeed the worst of times.
Rona, You take our breath away ……  and livelihood too and here we were thinking, you were just the flu. You are here, you are there, you are everywhere, yet seriously, Rona why don’t you just disappear.. 

You lurk in crevices and all sorts of spaces and even in my favourite places. You’re well travelled, exploring the world, effecting every creed, religion, with no stone unturned.

You’ve taken loved ones, friends and strangers too, you’re not biased, we’ve been told by the WHO. You’ve exhausted our systems and national health, they are overstretched, what a blow we’ve been dealth.

Some are out of jobs and kids are home schooling …could this be any more gruelling?
Everyone is paranoid when they feel their throat a tingling and still it's hard for some to maintain 'social distancing'.

Now Rona, you’re a foe who's time is coming to an end, although you're teaching us lessons, while we pray for the curve to bend. We’re at home, some with families and animals too, and we can listen to the birds tweet twooo..

And remember this we are the human race, we will turn this around, your effect we’ll erase.
We’re coming together in all different ways, helping the ill, the poor and the frail.

Our singing resonates through streets old and new, we are all in this together, we will definitely pull through.

We are clapping for our champions, who are working all hours. Please God, help them with your super powers.

We are entertaining ourselves, at home and on the net, our spirit is relentless, we will succeed with the right mindset.

Just remember, our scientists are busy figuring you out, so we can one day again, get out and about. And our healers are channeling God’s powerful energy, so this will one day be but a distant memory.

While we pray, I thought I’d write this poem, so please let’s all remember to #STAYHOME

Helena Hyde

— The End —