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May 20
It's not OKay :

To let people run over you like its a normal thing to do.

To overthink everything and trouble yourself.

To keep thinking about how others react to your response.

To let anyone control your life.

To keep waiting for love and feel miserable because you don't have one.

To keep all your emotions bottled up but there's always someone who cares.

To cry yourself to sleep every night.

To get hurt but not say anything, to avoid conflict.

To not to state your opinions because no one cares.

To feel depressed but not say.

To have that tired feeling all day long and getting it worse in the night.

To wake up every morning and feel disappointed because you didn't die last night.

To be scared of this world and "what's" out there.

To want to fall in love but being scared to ever trust anyone.

To wish to not to live anymore.

To write this all, but never follow it.
Prerna Padlikar
Written by
Prerna Padlikar  24/F
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