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I asked God—standing; lying prone tonight
Tears made visible God's throne tonight

Mi'raj—so God raised Muhammad to Skies
Then don't tell me, Lord is alone tonight

Love turned hatred—this is not her act
God! Who turned her heart stone tonight?

Ah! Holy anxiety—I am gruelled—By God
With teary eyes and hollow bone tonight
Warn my Love—shut office in real time
To shun emotional practice in real time

Challenge my sense, call me in silence
This is man who will notice in real time

Repeat the history and borrow a crime
If you don't allow the justice in real time

With my rivals, you walk hand-in-hand
You are caught accomplice in real time
Persuade me
So displease all others

Dear Love!
Wash away your guilt
Purify my wounds
With salt of your tears
In a long tussle with destiny
I believed in prayers
I was asked to keep patience
For an inconsolable period
Till Chinar Leaves would burn
Till warm rivulets would freeze
After season long battle
Divine promise was declined
That very moment
I was married to Grief
Over my illness, doctor will think tonight
With each syrup, life will shrink tonight

I am not that brave to enter grave
In an endless gorge, soul will sink tonight

If the nectar of Husayn isn't on way
Then, tell me what shall I drink tonight

And with me, pen fell down lifeless
Neither it has blood, nor it has ink tonight

Now eyes of Mirza are about to freeze
They may shut, they won't blink tonight

Mirza Sharafat
Poet is scared of death, poem written in gazal format.
Pain, mayhem in words is huge tonight
My rhyming may cause a deluge tonight
A besotted, is fond of her for last time
God, In her arms, he seeks refuge tonight
Poet in a state of confusion, when words turn away and poet has to seek refuge.
Let me unroll rugs, prayers to furnish tonight
Promise to my Lord may accomplish tonight

Urdu sipped my blood since years back
Let me try my grief in English tonight

Stars walked around the sky over her mansion
Eagerly gathered to know her wish tonight

Rivulets flowing down your cheeks are havoc
Oh Lord!  Who will relieve her anguish tonight

Evening of June and approaching misfortune
Silently my hopes wait to vanish tonight

Who cares for Life, Leila and Love
Let them cause my soul to perish tonight

Mirza, in Husayn's abode, swears by Lord
In divine Kingdom, he feels devilish tonight
Tonight, poet is careless for his life.

— The End —