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so i’ll grab my needle and thread and start mending my heart back
but i’ll leave some strands loose in case you decide to come back
the lagoon turned lilac at the sight of her
hair as golden as the sun, eyes as pure as pearls
her voice like a hundred piece orchestra

sailors swooned and searched the lilac lagoon
for a chance to uncover her beauty

she rests just below the surface
preying on the sailors above who sought out sin
she lured them in with her golden hair and pearly eyes
sang a song of the ocean
i have hidden beauties just for me, take a peak you’ll drown at sea
i’m packing up my boxes
one by one
the memories
the kisses
the stuffed animal from the ring toss you won
i’m taping up my boxes
one by one
the laughter
the cuddles
the days spent running towards the sun
i’m throwing out my boxes
the tears
the regret
the realization that i am no longer your one
i could swear that the day you left
the clouds opened like a door
and a grand stairwell climbed the sky
the sun shining down upon you
leading you to your creator

— The End —