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Tilly Jun 2020
("hello you, are you keeping safe?)
And the whole World stops, still,
instantly at peace,
                             are remembering Us
                    A constant which
                        when all else is in flux.    

               ~In another time, I would not / should not reply~

You are with me, as I am with you.
Holding on, to the totally known

or when,
those lovely words of yours
travel to find me doesn't matter;
I feel you...
in everything beautiful,
each and every day. Always,
with the heartfelt knowledge, you
feel that same connection also.

So beautifully, uniquely everything, of everythingly.
So rare, are we...                        
Your face on my pillow,
         The moon of your smile,
Those stars,    
                     the 'too many' reasons,
              both wholesome,  
   and dreamt of.  
   Chocolate kisses.    
  Pebbles in pockets.        
Pink blue sunsets.            
A simpler World,                    
which fell away within a gaze.

Our secrets forever safe in our perfect. bubble, so preciously protected from the storm outside

~We will never meet another soul, as Us~

watching such a beautiful man endure such turmoils, was so heartbreaking for your butterfly...
Even if,
she does understand
all the reasons why
you stayed...

I listened to your turmoil by the sea (the chaos effect of your butterfly was rippling throughout you)

We, hurt Us.

And of all the 'too many' reasons,

Our life...was so blissfully simple.
Those times, with our children,
were so precious;
Reducing Us to tears
[knowing our potential].

If, a butterflys' brief life was offered longevity;
In a heartbeat,
her wings would shine like diamond...
So strong for you
(& for the Us, of 6)

You would fall,
& I could catch you

    be allowed

But you,
my darling man,
know this already...
[It is not a conversation you are ready to have,
there were no promises...
there are no answers...
the choice to let us go,
   was the right thing

Who knows where this path
- this new World - leads us
as our children stay closer,
grow wiser, & shout louder.
they will teach us to be braver?
O­n the other side of here?
    ­                             no matter what...
                             We do the right thing:

And where, together, we hear
the echo of a cracking heart

("You are adored, without question,")
is all you need to hear

True...except for the words I didn't send
Eduardo Interior Apr 2020
I adhere to some amenity
Probably, possibly it’s difficult to live
I’ve been banished by life’s philosophy
The odds of living is obdurate to believe
I fake a smile to the winds
Believing that I am extraneous to an oblivion
I’m not part of something peculiar
Trying to think that I’m a strain of rejection

I’ve been seeking, looking for happiness,
Longing for it my whole life, I’m restless
Someday I’ll be death itself
Can no longer look back of a living shadow

So long I’ve been looking for happiness
The scatterbrain is a little like
Drizzle of rain
Neither here, nor there, but everywhere
Àŧùl Feb 2020
Oh my Prosperity,
Oh my Serendipity.
Oh my Destiny,
Oh my Honey,
Oh my Austerity,
Oh mother of my Posterity,
Where are you?
My HP Poem #1831
©Atul Kaushal
Daniel Feb 2020
Coffee alone is a moment of mine,
An oval mug served by a girl with a smile
Dark coloured drips coming down at the sides..
crashing through time, like gas giants catching the light

And raging outside is the storm in it's tracks
Tall windows spare us the blustery flak
Moored for a moment we are comfortably sat
Our ghostly reflections are a film upon glass
Serendipity Jan 2020
She was serendipity in a bottle,
A fire in a jar without a lid.
She was the flower on the side of the road,
She was the garden in the dead of night.
She was moonlight bleaching dark clouds.
She was my favorite accident.
My serendipity.
Serendipity- finding pleasure accidently.
Jeff Lewis Sep 2019

              spilled          some
        on                  the

Floor and
                                               as they lay
                                    ­  surmount
I've    ever     written.

                                 ...and I lay down my pen for a broom.
Ray Dunn Aug 2019
am i that smile?
or did serendipity
make me a hero?
haiku time babey
Serendipity and Luck; The only things that aid us in catching that one vital chance.
For the Romeo, the heart yearns for his Juliet's momentary glance.
So for a second they can share their love.
And fool the stars that hang crossed in the sky above.
Destiny still plays us like puppets in his evil game.
First be the soul of the hero seeking prestige and fame.
His life he would gladly trade to the devil himself for the mere opportunity.
His name be immortalized in history, his soul he would gladly sacrifice in perpetuity.
Second be the King that yearns for power to rule over all.
But Time turns his hands of the clock and soon every kingdom must fall.
Finally the holy man who only seeks inner peace and tranquility.
Is his destination even a possibility or a cruel lesson in futility?
The fickle gods make us mere mortals jester and dance.
In the end we seek those crucial moments of fortune and chance.
                                                                                                -Vijay M-
Tried to stay true to a set form
TheWitheredSoul May 2019
He was sterile .
She was virile .
Their love was fragile.

He gave up on love.
She gave up on him.
Love gave up on them.

He flew half way around the globe to find riches resources and
meaning of life.

She strode through sickening seas insearch of honor and pride.

Love didn't care neither did Life
Life made sure both paced halfway around the globe just to find each other again.
Love might work in mysterious ways but Life does what needs to be done.
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