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Rafael Melendez Dec 2016
We are our own scapegoats, fate is simply numbers and empty space. Love is a chemical, heartbreak is excess chemicals. The will to live, is only bullheaded stubbornness.

And it just so happens that the things that we fear are also the things that we love, and people are caused more pain by the things closest to them. I am the one that she loved, and I am the one that she hates.
M G Hsieh Mar 2016
Before the beginning,
Man said, "This is a world to conquer."
Hence, Man released his word
and it was a resounding,
"I will."
A bright shining beacon
separated the darkness.

This was how it began.

The next day, Man separated
high-minded thoughts from base desires
and called one educated and planned,
the other, trivial and crass,
and made one above the other in ranks.

Morning and evening passed.

On the third day, the desires were gathered
and separated into virtues and vices.
Each had seeds abundant with
the reapings of their own rewards and consequences.

All was good but the darkness and light
were stark. So on the fourth day
Man said, "I will give the darkness flecks of light
and the light covers of darkness
so that everything will have shadows
and shades to cover themselves upon."
And Man saw all was as he pleased.

Then Man pronounced, "I will fill
the virtues and vices with every sort of thing
to feed on according to their kind.
They shall be fruitful and multiply and they shall
swarm and crawl and fly according to their own kind.
They shall become beasts and livestock which
plot and prey on each other according to their own kind."
And so it was on the fifth day.

When Man saw how everything
was as he made it to be,
Man said, "I shall make a god in my own image, he will
be as I proclaim and
be the bearer of my creation. He will be for me
a cause to have dominion over all."

And so on the sixth day,
Man created a god in his own image
to subdue everything. He said to him, "Now, you will
grant me permission to do as I have always done and
in your name, claim glory."

On the seventh day, Man saw all was absolved
and done according to his will.
Man rested and let the name of god
carry the load.
vinny Feb 2016
i'm tired of being everyone's punching bag
learning to defend against the left jab
can almost predict the back stab*

my tyrant boss so incompetent*
unable to lead

peers who feel the need
to boast of themselves
voracious egos to feed

as i receive a mere stipend
for my efforts sweat and bleed

i'm bailing from this race
far from your lecherous reach
i stashed away a nest egg
built a fishing hut on the beach

there with my marked comrades remain
away from your weakness and condescension
we will all have our day
when you are called to account for

your sins
beyond mention
devoted to those who feel the need to condescend and build hierarchies to feed their sickness- you know who you are.
Leal Knowone Apr 2015
I am your scapegoat
deconstruct your rivalries
you love to hate me

— The End —