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Joshua Dougan Jan 2017
Marcuse! Marcuse! Where the **** are you?
He moved to California and all he could do was argue.
Instead of gratitude through platitudes and assimilation,
He sought to change the west with his social trepidation.
A change is coming, from West to East
As society embraces that Germans beast.
"You're a ****** if I say so, an idiot racist with a scapegoat."
The only fun he ever had was raging in his raincoat.
The man was ungrateful and stole our academia.
Now all schools teach is his prepackaged mass anemia.
Purging true thought, cursing the whole lot while he's at it.
Burning loose crops, as each kids churning an addict.
Marcuse! Marcuse! where the **** are you?
Marcuse! Marcuse! How the **** could you?
If being inspired by others to speak on behalf of my own feelings and logic is bigotry or racist then so be it. It's time to move past political correctness and "social justice" and allow individual thought to flourish again. The radicalized left have kidnapped poetry and the arts and us as individual artists need to take it back.  Poetry was never non denominational, poetry was never non partisan. Be objective in everything. Art is to reflect passion sacrifice and most of all used to reflect the biases of the artist themselves.
DJKearney May 2016
A broken back
Just will not do
You’ll take too long
And burn the stew.

On note of burning
From where’re, the scars
That, stomachs churning,
Make up the bars

O’ the prison that binds you?
A cast iron shackle
Society’s scorn
And a hollowing cackle.

Empties your soul
Of the love it once held;
For the people around you
By whom you’re impelled.

The dregs of a rag
On which a blind man once sat,
You are the nothing
No more than a rat.

I hope you don’t depress
And cry in the broth
Or bleed on your robes
For we might need the cloth.

A penny well saved
Is a penny well spent
And yet all I can say is
“You’d best pay your rent!”

If a benevolent master
Is all that you want
Then I would suggest
Not being a runt.

What man could desire you?
What motive to care?
For most not your money purse
For that is laid bare.

A whispering wisp
Once told you to wait.
A malevolent spirit
You’ve taken the bait.

— The End —