Sunil Sharma Sep 2017
Vagrant-heart is like
that pigeon---
fluttering wings against
the glass facade
of a high-rise
in humid Mumbai;

the staircase- light
confusing the avian eyes

eager to enter
making a nest
in the treeless place.
birds; urban spaces
Sunil Sharma Sep 2017
On a power cable
before the wind
that plays havoc with trees and tiles
of cottages and hovels

a typical feudal lord, violent
power-drunk, indifferent;

Up there, on that throne---

sits a lonesome Kingfisher
regal, haughty, detached
from the ground zero

a visitor from the far-off heavens

a pleasing sight
on this rushed
Mumbai early- morning.

a creature, tiny, vibrant
dressed in  a multi-coloured coat
worn earlier
by an agile harlequin
doing acrobats in an Italian court,
for the seventeenth-century audience;

the feathered guest
lightly sitting
on that high perch

a stoic
silhouetted against the
immensity of a dark-grey sky
threatening rain.

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About nature, bliss, birds
  May 2017 Sunil Sharma
Richard Grahn
The act of writing
Compels me to magic and
Elevates my soul
UPDATE: This was written before I had any idea what the difference between a Haiku and a Senryu is. I'm still a child in these departments. "Writing a Haiku" was the original title but this is not a Haiku. Therefore, after more than 1700 views, I've decided that it should be more properly titled. The title that fits best is simply this: "Writing" and it is more properly a Senryu.

It's no wonder this has been so popular here. We are writers and we know what the craft does for our souls and for the world. Nomenclature is really unimportant. What's important is the doing...

THIS IS THE INITIAL NOTES ENTRY: This is very true for me and I know it is for many of you as well. Writing is medicine for the soul and I don't know where I'd be without it.
Sunil Sharma May 2017
Bring your empty words
I will re-charge them again
And make them potent;
The hollow words---
Bring them to me and
I will make them sing,
In the summer afternoon
On the glistening lips of
The workers in sweat
Working on construction sites;
Bring your faded words
I will make them shine in the forge
Of blacksmith whose sinewy hands
Will form them into forms that appeal;
Bring your sad words,
I will make them smile
On the faces of war-orphans
Street children
And cancer patients,
Because when sterile words
Of poetry come into contact
With unsaid suffering of the
Larger silent humanity,
They become fiery,
Mesmerize and
Truly become
The sweat-soaked words and entire syntax
Great transcendental poems!
@Sunil Sharma
Towards a new poetics
Sunil Sharma May 2017
The disembodied
Voice from the
Sisters’ counter
Echoing down the twisted corridor:
Ma left yesterday. The house, no house.
Wanted to do the night duty.
At least, got some company here.
@Sunil Sharma
Sunil Sharma Apr 2017
A few drivers,
mid-summer afternoon

lean against the divider,
paint peeling

some perch on it lightly---
indulge in hot group-talk;

the waltzing-shadow
of a banyan tree
opposite side of the
auto-rickshaw stand---

a street-art, delicate, dark-hued;

the phantom arms
the disparate crew
in a tight family-embrace,
its breath tousling their hair

and it---
protects them from
the Mumbai heat!
@Sunil Sharma
A real scene witnessed and then embellished.
Sunil Sharma Apr 2017
---Sunil Sharma

Here she eyes
the poet and the photographer
hiding in the bush
or lurking somewhere

or, maybe behind
a glass-window shut
like a typical voyeur.

pointed ears pricked up
eyes glittering but not cold
as depicted in a horror tale

the bushy tail---fan and broom
to clear the muck around

the long snout primed up
for unusual smells
of two-legged threats

the lady fox
much demonized
in the human world
free in the wilds
like a bird

ready for the ramp-walk
in the jungle,
her---daily theater!
About encounters different. A poet friend saw this fox living in the bush, Australia and sent the picture clicked by him---that pic, inspiration for the poem.

— The End —