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Marla Jan 29
Hollowed corpses
Left on hallowed ground,
Lacking the depth
Of what was once profound.

Rip my heart to shreds
As your empty words
Entomb me.

For your light is-

The love in you-

And your soul...
Isabel May 5
She sits
Atop a myrtle bush
She cannot fly
But sends out her desire
Her future dreams
Through the unsuspecting air
Her belief
In distant generations
Borne upon the breeze
Hope of the unseen
Messaged across the barren lands
And am I powerless?
This is inspired by a moth we came across in the Scottish Highlands whilst working with Trees for Life (look them up!). The female is wingless but sends out pheromones to bring the winged males to her to breed. It was also inspired by the Extinction Rebellion/ climate change protests which were happening at the same time, so dedicated to the marvellous Greta Thunberg.
Madhumita Apr 27
a rebellion
among the sheep.

Watch them burn out,
go back to sleep.
NaPoWriMo Day 27
Poetry form: Septolet
Dominique Apr 20
One hundred and five thousand,
One hundred and twenty hours.
Time you drown in while sleeping,
Or scrub in the shower.
The minutes that accumulate
When you're waiting for fate
To arrive.
One hundred and five thousand,
One hundred and twenty hours
Of which many you litter around
Casting the seeds of your life to the ground
Reaping your smiles from the words that survive.
One hundred and five thousand-
Some gone already, turned to mist
Imagine the laughter we've missed
Imagine the days you've spent not being kissed-
One hundred and five thousand hours,
Were you buried in books and too busy to look
Or have we just been afraid?
One hundred thousand depleting hours
Till this life of ours can't be saved.
The UN published a report which gave the world 12 years to resolve this climate breakdown before the effects of our consumerism and selfishness devour us whole. I have always been paranoid about wasting time, even when under the illusion that I had time to waste. Do not hesitate. Join extinction rebellion today, even if it's not to preserve the world which gives rise to such beautiful poetry that I frequently read on here. Do it for yourself. Extend your time, don't choke on it. Much love to all <3
This is a revolution,
For we are only human!
We must rebel,
For can't you tell,
This is a revolution?

To be free
We must be

We will fight day or night,
We will march for the right,
String me up on a cross,
No spirit is lost!

If I am gone
Then we are wronged
My spirit will live--on!

We will not rest 'till all is past
We'll fight until the very last
This is our creation--
For this is a revolution!

And maybe this will never end,
And I will never be your friend,
But we must try!

This is a revolution!
Written as a letter-poem-song.
Freedom inside veins which wander in universe
The most effective drug for her mind
A dragon that got remain from history
Freedom on her skin 
Holiness that flowing from her wings
Rebellion against  puppeteer
Gettin' itch her soul with it
A wind that destroy every barrier by hitting
A flame that came up from heaven
Eve and Adam's sin
Let burn freedom fire in collapsed system
Just gotta ignite
This will be breath of existence
As children
We who wore tights to school
   were taught
to wok in high heels
with a book on our heads

to never wear mascara
on our bottom lashes

                        red lipstick = harlot
            red nails = *****
            wearing jewelry = sinful

                       to be proper
                       to mind our manners

           the three monkeys mantra


So we still
Go downtown in our good clothes            
Wearing high heels carrying a matching bag

We have expensive taste
Reputations to uphold

fast cars
          faster boys
           red lipstick
red nails
bodies bejeweled

We learned
All of that                                      Indoctrination
was nonsense

Oh! The high heels of heartache!
How those cruel shoes constrained us
the worship of deities can uplift ones soul or contaminate and desolate it.
Tonight's the night
We fight or die
And you can bet
It will be violent
But the aggression
That we have to bring
Is the only chance we have
To make a change.

by Aleksander Mielnikow
bakunawa Mar 7
in my mind
           all i really
      was mind enough
         to say no...
                  and yet
as i had knelt...
and as i had pleaded..
     all i could ask for
                                    was ignorance
               and all i could say
          was thank you
                          for all the venom---
                              feels just
              a little bit sad
                                  i couldn't
  ask for more...
                               more drops
  ­                                wanting
                         ­                                              waiting
                   washing down

       even deeper

       ever faster

sating myself more and more in this
scrumptouos feast of more and more
                 and with every single mouthful
i take in
                  my appetite begs for more and more
                           i am a wolf.
           the lowest of the low
                     in a tripartite soul.
and i can't help
                            but fill myself up
     no matter how much
                  i weigh myself down.
                                      i just want more.
                          more of bullets
       for every single word you say
                  more of icicles
              for every single awkward touch
more of daggers
                for every single glare you look me
                 down with

                                   more of poison
       for every single lie you make me swallow
        forcefully down my own throat saying
        that you've always been true

                                                           ­  more of you...
for every single night i waste
away lying wide awake lying
to myself about not regretting
every sound i taught, trained
my tongue to incarcerate until
you were no longer there to listen

                       more of flames.
        the feeling i get whenever you
         quench my burning aching hunger.

                more of flames
that blazing glimmer i become
when everyone looks at all my
scars with disappointment.

                               i want more of flames.
                     and i just want to burn it all down
along with you.
                  and then
                                   i'd happily engulf myself
     engorge myself
                                  on all our
     knowing that no one will ever
           knowingly share anything else with me...
                                                                let me bask
                     at least one last supper
in the blissful toxin
                                   of our cannibalism
                   and one last time
                       we'll cast a miracle and
                               in the gluttony
of our lustful intersuffering
                                                  ­drowning drunk
        from the deathly fermentation
                        of our own flowing blood
    we'll never again
                          have to wake up
                 with a killer of a hangover tomorrow.
requested by~~ i*** and a****~~ quite difficult actually, i hope i don't disappoint you two :<

anyway, it is not like this is much of an anecdote to my life but this really resonates to me a lot, and honestly i based this on a friend of mine  and it really isn't an unusual thing anyway.

ever tried to tell the world to f*c* off? it's kind of hard to do it when you're acting humane and all alone...

anyway, thanks for reading!!! please let me know what you think i could improve on this style on the comments :3

ps. king for a day by ptv rules.
Empire Mar 5
Growing up sheltered
Is not what it seems
It is full
Of pain
Just like everyone else
We hurt, cry, and hate
Only we have to hide
Desperately hide

Crippling perfectionism
Became my sickness
I had to always be right
Or at least justify my wrong
Because I couldn't
Bear to let them down
Let everyone down
Let myself down

I spent every moment
Full of anxiety
Like everyone was watching
And to a degree,
They were

This sickness festered
Within my mind
It brought me a pain
That I could not explain
Because nothing was wrong
Except me
Something was so wrong
With me

Quietly, every minor failure
Twisted into hatred
A self-loathing
That started to **** me
And I didn't even see it
Until it was so big
It tried to swallow me

You see, my problems
Rooted so deep
I couldn't even acknowledge them
Because having problems
Meant failure

Now, I, the sheltered child
Sit alone trying to heal
With all of my baggage
That appears so light
In comparison
To that of those who
Had it much worse

So in silence,
I long to feel whole
Knowing how
But my strong desire for
Won't allow

My need to be perfect
Won't let me rebel
Because it would mean
Blaming no one but
So I can't let it out

I find mediums
To release the angst
Nursing a caffeine habit
Instead of *******
The destructive forces
Within me
Wouldn't mind it
Either way
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