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Mikel 7d
I miss you so much baby
I’m sure you miss you too
Mikel Jul 25
One last kiss before the casket shuts
“I love you baby”

I wish I could hold you one more time...but the caskets empty

The woman I love is dead
While the body she left still dances

“Be good to that body, whoever you are”
I gave it my love for years
  Jul 21 Mikel
M e l l o
the pages of my notebook
are bleeding with broken poetry
feelings hiding within
tears falling while writing
painful memories seeping through
vulnerable thoughts can be found too
it's like a vast ocean of nostalagia
a dungeon full of unsung verses
a prisoner of a caged mind
Poem of the day. July 20
Mikel Jul 21
The love that shined from your flawless face tore me down and put me back together

Love poured out of those crystal blue eyes and coddled me, strengthened me, soothed me

But after five loving years, I never got to meet your other face

Though we will never meet, I hope she was just as beautiful
Mikel Jul 15
Pour your torment on the page and let the sound leak out of you

Your music bleeds out of your veins and it’s so personal, so emotional, how could people keep from resonating with it?

So now, you get to perform the same recurring nightmare every night. Reopening the wound you couldn’t heal.
Mikel Jul 6
I met an angel sent from god

We fell in love, we planned our wedding, our future

But the last mission the angel needed to accomplish

Was leaving me

And I can’t thank god enough
Mikel Jul 6
So many emotions have shot through my worn exterior.
But the thought of you no longer shakes my core
Now, you leave me grinning like memories of a loved one passed

I love what we had darling

But I love that it’s over
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