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Mikel Dec 2022
The secret that turned every ****** embrace into torture.

She used to hang off of him in love.

Now he hangs off of her like a noose.

He’s gotta tell her—break the news

He’s gotta tell her—break the noose

But when it breaks, will he be able to breathe again?

Or will it be his neck instead
We hurt when our friends hurt
Mikel Jul 2022
Regretfully crawling out of a warm blanket to meet a snow covered field.

My cheeks absorb the cold as it seeps through the window.

Begging for no attention, living for nothing but my gaze, a lonely fire grows out of a healthy little pile of embers, nuzzled away in the snow.

The growing stillness over the untouched field reaches through my window and meets me with embrace.

You are the captivating landscape that suspends me in time.

You are the fire that dances only for me.
I love you Nicole. You make me feel so many things that I can’t describe. A suspension in time when you look at me with love. A pride when I watch you being yourself. A stillness and a fire ignites in me simultaneously with the love you arouse in my soul.
Mikel Jul 2022
Life takes as much time as you allow it. If you’ve ever held a wall squat, you know that the perception of time is liquid.
I’ve decided, I’m not going to pour my time out of a bottle of ***** anymore.
In the present, I’m enjoying my time.
Mikel Jul 2022
The last time I wrote poetry, I was trying to get out

Now, I want to be fully immersed IN

I woke up in a dream. No—THE dream.
My reality

I have MY dream:
And a baby on the way.

I am so beyond blessed I am running out of expressions.

Love is a vibration. The resonance has made me whole.
Mikel Jul 2020
Our lips touched and a slow, vibrant, loving fog rolls in, caressing us. My arms manage to hold her up while my body hangs weightless from my frame. Each soft kiss suspends time, suspends space, and suspends us—from the ground we were standing on.
  Jul 2019 Mikel
M e l l o
the pages of my notebook
are bleeding with broken poetry
feelings hiding within
tears falling while writing
painful memories seeping through
vulnerable thoughts can be found too
it's like a vast ocean of nostalagia
a dungeon full of unsung verses
a prisoner of a caged mind
Poem of the day. July 20
Mikel Jul 2019
Pour your torment on the page and let the sound leak out of you

Your music bleeds out of your veins and it’s so personal, so emotional, how could people keep from resonating with it?

So now, you get to perform the same recurring nightmare every night. Reopening the wound you couldn’t heal.
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