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Bunny Oct 2015
“Uni” consisting of one - one God of consistence
“verse” - His expression to all existence

The universe is finely tuned in mathematical formulas
The Maker’s way of coordinating an euphonious orchestra

No algorithm can describe - It’s undreamed of!
no song can measure the depth of His love.

But there is method to His heart
an ensemble He has chart

He had the future  calculated all along
Jesus Christ- the bridge to His heavenly song

To save the lost - He paid the cost
And wrote the words which cleanse - Unwashed.

Through covenant He’s derived a relational endeavor
In hopes that you and I will make music with Him forever!
Bunny Jul 2015
I’m a Shard of broken glass
sharp in sin until at last
I found myself casted in
the oceans of your grace

Your waves of zeal wash over me
Found in You is where I’m free
The peace within your salty seas
Softens the briery parts of me.

Hallelujah!  you find me
hallelujah! you redefine me
a sea glass gemstones purposed now
to bring glory of your throne!

Riches beyond measure at Christ’s
expense I’m made a treasure
How beautiful you are.
How beautiful you are.

Hallelujah!  you find me
hallelujah! you redefine me
a sea glass gemstones purposed now
to bring glory of your throne!
Bunny Apr 2015
My favorite show is
Watching America's Funniest Home Videos with you.
Watching with you
Watching you
Your eyes glowing with delight.
Watching with delight
Watching your delight
A smile explodes across your face.
My heart explodes across my rib cage.
Bunny Apr 2015
I keep poking holes in people with question -
As if their passions are maple sugar sap.
Do you sing? What do you sing?
Do you paint? What do you paint?
Do you play? What do you play?
How does your soul make art -- make love with life?
Bunny Apr 2015
Why am I so affected by everything?
You took a picture of a crap load of birds sitting in a tree above you.
It was really unlike you.
I thought it was really attractive
How you sent it to me.
Like you were proud that you noticed something.
Why do things have to come in crap loads before we notice them?
Pain, joy and the birds.
Why can’t a pebble give the same impact as an avalanche?
Bunny Mar 2015
Faded Glory
Sweatshirt clenches my
teary salt seas.
Mascara on cotton
like drizzle upon Asphalt.
Bunny Mar 2015
With a raw heart I swing the monkey bars of life. Day by Day.
I pray weak prayers for warm rays of hope to thaw these parts of me.
Make the picture pleasing again.
Swing by swing, He breathes into my spirit,
"feel the rawness"
"taste with thanksgiving"
"listen to the life"
"behold the blessing"
Point, Press, Focus
at once, the swings are of less significance.
When the Lord is at the center of my viewfinder
Weakness was the answer to my prayers
Coldness becomes a picture of beauty.
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