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Candented Nov 2020
How long has your song sang singing?
Singing out as a cacophony of molecules, breathing
Swirling in an atmosphere that bakes and quakes with shaking
Below your bello's echo- a ringing
Harmonizing and mining, mixing and grinding
Ringing, into an order, l, below bloods echo, below the shaking, oh the quaking, baking atmosphere in a swirling, breathing,
cacophony of molecules
You have sang your song how long?
The ocean,water, adrift,within
Candented Oct 2020
You were there on the beach
Across vast oceans of time we reach
Sharing in a view of now
Our eyes reflect what's not around
Ten to tend within the field
Trends deepen with each reveal
Our eyes align then lines break down
Our eyes reflect what's not around
You in your chair
Me in this ground
Candented Aug 2020
You see a sea that is dead, but underneath
The depths of the ground in which we are buried
The heights of the sky in which we dream
You are the light that surrounds me, reflecting

You lay to rest all the peace, but underneath
Lightning and Thunder rage deep
The rain falls to the gound and a residue builds slowly
washing away the seacastly foundation of our being

Passover the dead as they were nothing
Lean on the understanding in your wanting
Not seeing that all is yours already
The key is in your hand the answer is in your heart
Ofnotes, ofquotes,ofbillgoats
Candented Aug 2020
I usually write when it's raining
When it's raining I'm usually right
Wrote my heart on my sleeve while complaining
When and why weave the unknown archane art
Without measure of meaning or pleasure
Above and beyond anything we thought
Outside of the encircled we're drawing
With all wonder as is fervantly caught
Bringing forward a motion of knowing
Beyond knowing mercy as serverity's stair
Reunification of all being
Exhalation from and into the aer
Candented Aug 2020
A lock,a bristle,  a binding so narrow
An intention, drawn back, then  like the arrow
Enthroned in the mind like the sister of three
Share the libation before the tomb of Iphinoe
Sketch notes
Candented Jul 2020
to the world of men
i am not yet accustom'd,
the sun was gone:
but i was calm. but if indeed i have lost my face then i will wond round faceless
with ourselves alone;
with ourselves cleave to bone
the fatty flesh of gelatin
is ours to bemoan.
tell them that no others rride to night as the aum comes ssuddenly
i will hide inside
to taste the flame
Candented Jun 2020
two paths
diverge in the woods
shadow and light are misunderstood
judgement is cast
ashes and soot
cover the ground the fire afoot

see with your eyes
chase after the heights
never realize
what youre missing
weighed down youre sinking
...your life

burning fast
portione in turn
sight of the eyes
pierce soul inturred -
flying high
grave unearthed
billowing trail
of smoke and burns(embers)-
tumbling down
but hear
melody sound
becomes thunder
spinning around
passions delight
  love is the ground
   as moon to the night
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