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mark david Jul 2015
Absent minded
by my own volition.
Warmly embrace
mental attrition.
State of rest
is my mission
on listless and free day

hey hey!
Big Bill
a slingin' his heart chords
Endless visions of bright sunny fjords
I am yet unescaped
            mind neatly taped
to a lonely widowers table

   mind is unstable
           find an old drunkard
untell this dark fable
i cant sleep and im feeling...
rrreaal tired.

blank unaware

can't help but




I am absent
mark david Jul 2015
Take my heart and my soul!
This is
on the Dole!

and i'm *down
dole jobseekers
mark david Jul 2015
...Coffee and peace may be neared,
Petty obstacles to be cleared.
Belated yet elated smell
Those innocent roasted beans!

'Hi, How Are You?'
I hope you do listen

To that album. It's how I've been feeling.
DanielJohnston daniel johnston
mark david Jul 2015
The skunky is funky
              No one I think is in my tree
                                          Loss of direction
Which way is North
mark david Jul 2015
There were multiple factors
Working like tractors

Load did not yield in my
Psychedelic field

Stimuli! Leave!
So my soul can... retrieve
Its original form
mark david Jun 2015
To All Men Who Can:

We must articulate our sorrow; find joy in the grief
Call the resurgence when anguish is chief!
Illuminate Dark Alley
There is no finale

But the ethereal timeless bliss

Return solemn calling
of the moon,
Return to the mother
flowers in bloom

Listless excursion
Our soul's in aversion
To the petty game we made

Love be thine calling,
Our souls are not falling to this

Infatuous State of Sin
mark david Apr 2015
From her neuroticisms
I derive my witticisms.
The soul wants to be,
Mind fights to unsee
The merry play before me

Who shalt thou ask?
Such an arduous task.

Do what thou wilt...

The honest Scotsman
Lay bare his kilt
crowley thelema mother life existential
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