Brother Jimmy Nov 12
Gingerly walking on the ceiling
This place is wrong-way-round

And I can't help this feeling
That my logic isn't sound

The older I get, the less I know,
My perceptions,
Brother Jimmy Nov 12
If you could stop this plight
Could plot a place for pep

Could turn the day to night
Transport me through a trip

Repairing ripped remains
Requiring rest and rains

Your vigor vim and zip
Voracious vrooming stains

Beholding what beheld
When it was still intact

The weight is with me still
The cloud and cataract

The vision that now dulls
And daily duty culls

New meaning from the old
Severe, the mercy sold
Brother Jimmy Aug 28
I trip through each hair trigger trap
As I hurl my weakened will

Crawling from pleasure to pleasure
Unable to set a course
                        with mere intention
My corrections only change my heading
                      by fractions of degrees
Brother Jimmy Jul 21
Red orange glow
Flits around the base
As plumes now rise
Toward darkened skies
Skin on knees and
Chest and face
Seems to tighten
And we delight in
Atavistic desire
To master its use
This lovely fire
Of pine and spruce
Brother Jimmy Jul 18
Ten days of silence
Then you whisper a word
A single puzzle piece
Is all that is heard
So cryptic, so soft
And what does it mean
When ciphers are scoffed
And wisdom obscene

Just hold it and wait
You’ll see one fine day
A lightbulb will light
You will see the way
Things fit in place
In crystalline form
The sear of that face
And the dust, and the worm

The art can get wet
And the artist can see
If the hand can forget
That the master is free
When playing the part
Of the folks in his game
With sight for the blind
New strength for the lame
Brother Jimmy Jun 19
You should create
Write something down
Sing something out
Paint something golden

Make a new thing
Take hold of your voice
Or unique way of seeing
Your impulses, bolden

Your ideas are butterflies
That want to be caught
Grab your idea net!
Do what you ought!

Share with the world
Before they fly away
(If you wait too long they may fly away)

So what, you think it's already been done?
"Nothing is new under the sun"...
That may (or may not?) indeed be true,
But no one has done it EXACTLY like you
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