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I have a quiet lake of answers
For your raging storm of questions.

I have a placid summer meadow
For your hectic pace of living.

I have a waterfall of caring
For the times you feel unloved.

I have a purple sunset
When your world is without beauty.

I am a fresh baked cookie
When your soul is starved for love.
I don't often get to write love notes.
As the plaster
Cast around me
Starts to crumble
When I shake
Convulsing waves
Of body shivers
Undulate and
******* break

Pulsing body
Popping, pushing
Pupil of my
Nature’s plight
Pleading with my
****** and power
Body burning
Still I fight

Just to emerge
Into the light
It begins with a trickle
A small surge of light

And enters the room at the topmost edges

Conversations falter
As they place on the altar

All of their flaws, their hurts, their pledges

Hedging bets, with guilty frets,

The Fire starts to stir...

To spark,
     to grow,
     to arc,
          to blur

With tightly closed eyes...

Reaches up toward the skies,

And down around the corner forming,
Curving slightly, glowing, swarming,

Burbling nightly,
Flowing brightly,

A river of fiery lights,

Inverted, on the ceiling

The intercessors kneeling,

O'er mystical fights...

O collective vision
With an unknown meaning
As intuitive as fission
For wizened guide with spiritual leaning
A new day

Rife with possibility

Insert some new tranquility

Into your mind

A new way

Of looking at the positive

Believing life is causative

A new lens we must find

Truth is

Difficult at times to discern

But even so down deep I yearn

Now to make headway

Love is.

So don this mask for now, shall I

And in the face of fear I’ll fly

For today's a new day

...a repost of my earlier work
Brother Jimmy Aug 18
My thoughts race~
In my inner monologue I hear:
     (I mean in my head, ...not actually in my ear)

“I hope we can make it through all of this”

How did I “hear” that?   And who spoke those words?

...’cause, if that’s a thought that came from in me...

           Then who is the “I”?     ...Who is the “we”?

And how is it that I can take note
           Observing these thoughts that ring

Who is thinking and who’s observing...
           Consciousness ...what an amazing thing!
Brother Jimmy Aug 14
I journeyed out to find
...And here along the way

Having glimpsed my mind
And holding little sway

What fascinated first
Had become cliche

For what was blessed was cursed
And God feels far away

A blessing once upon a time
Was treated as a high

By my own hand and tongue, and I’m
A shriveled ghost, a sigh

Persuade me to embolden now
Regain the mystic eye

To see the golden glow somehow
Without the paper tie

The crispness of this air
Feels like a fetter, oh

I long for sweet despair
I’m getting better though

One day I will be healed
Or I like to think so

Toward the great reveal
The conclusion of this show

Inexorably, I go
Brother Jimmy Aug 13
I went out
To discover,
And along the way

In their farce
Oh so often
I heard people say

Do it right
Get your bearings
Don’t just drift on through

Though I kept
Trying harder
Naught else could I do

All of life
Leads to this spot
Here where we now stand

No advice
Nor willpower
Can shift what was planned

So give in
And surrender
Learn to love despite

Being locked
In this chamber
Throughout this cold night

How does one
Truly capture
Glimpses of the real

Is it by
Tacking windward
Learning love and zeal?

Or are we
Better suited
To flow with the stream

That we find
Placed within this dream?
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