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When I love, I love big
You ask for pebbles and I give you mountains
Ask for a match and I will give you a wildfire

When you saw me you asked for my company
I gave you my heart
You A
Asked for a night and I offered you a lifetime

I gave you an ocean when you asked for a puddle and that big problem in that

Is I never asked if you could swim
lexk Sep 2020
you appeared like the wind passing by,
and stayed for a little while,
but will probably never return.

just like that
my smile fell like the waves,
except it never rose again

Alex Aug 2020
Fancy dresses,
A big hall and the crowds,
Secret glances,
With means and reasons,
What are the odds,
My eyes meet yours,
While my arms lay on somebody,
And you hated it cause it wasn't you,
You may do your utmost,
But I am not going back,
Flashbacks, memories,
The goods ones and bad,
It's not the typical films you've watched before,
You knew how it ends,
Switching blows,
Blaming games,
And the words are like blades,
We ended hurting ourselves,
So it's maybe gone for good,
And even if we never meant what we say,
We better keep it that way,
Stop seeking chances,
Our eyes parted ways,
At the ball,
With fancy dresses,
In a big hall and full crowds.
Cristina Quebral Jun 2020
I remember the rain
the feels
how I love it.

I remember that many rainy
afternoons with you
how I love it.

I remember you
how I’ve loved you.
Blackenedfigs Apr 2020
I remember naps with you
God, your arm
         my arm
         your leg
         my leg.
Can we go back there?
Even if just for one day?

You see
my heart was bursting then
and I can still feel it now,
in the same way that I can still smell the salt
on your skin.
Silver May 2019
If I have ever held your hand, just know that I still hold it in my heart
If I have ever dried a tear from your cheek, I still feel it on my skin.
If you’ve ever burnt me- I’ll still remember the warmth before the pain.
Change the locks, I still hold the old keys to every place I once called home.
I can never bring myself to understand why we make strangers from ex-lovers
We mourn for the death of who we wanted those people to be,
And lie to ourselves when asked if we broke our own hearts.
A month from now i will barely remember his name. i won't think about how he tastes or how his body moves above mine. A month from now i would have replaced him with a man whose face rivals his and whose tongue knows how I like my **** teased. A month from now his existence will mean nothing but a month before that his existence means something.
Meadow Apr 2019
He is the sun if it ever took human form.
Radiant and warm

You treated his love as if it were a heat storm.
As if his love were burning you from the inside.
You mistook his intensity, and you let it suffocate you.

You tried to put out the fire.
As smoke seeped from your painted smile, you subdued him.

You tried to put out the sun.

But I...
I found him
His flame dimmed.
Under the artificial assumption, his light was too much.

He came to me trying to cover that intensity.

But I thought...
Why fit the sun in a lantern?
When it could light the world.

My love like fertile earth.
Smothered with rich soil.
Saplings reached for that warmth of him.
I wanted all of him.
A lantern wouldn't do.

We planted our seeds in moments.
And well nourished they grew.

Many moons came to pass, but now I have before me a garden of overgrowth.
Watered by our tears. Nourished by passion. Warmed by our love, and given life through our memories.

He is larger than life.
He is bold and bright and the light in my sky.
& I will tend to this garden and bathe in his sun.
He is my home, my light, and my reason.

You tried to put out the fire,
but now he is the sun.
Some raw thoughts that had been sitting in my memo's for a few months.
bailey goranson Mar 2018
so now we're making new memories.

we're skateboarding down the streets
of our sleepy little town and i'm still

letting our old memories bring up old
emotions because yes, it still hurts me

to see you flirting with another girl but
can you blame me? i could barely salvage

my heart after the last tornado you created
had blown through me.

but then i look at you and i
and wonder if you were  really worth

all the heartache and late nights,
because of course i still love you

but not in the same way anymore. i still
want you, but not in the same way anymore.

i miss you, but not in the same way anymore.
and you'll be okay without me. you will make

new memories without me, i swear.
here's to moving on.
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