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Renée Casey Nov 2018
It is not enough
to want to let someone

They must first
on the door
Makenzie Marie Nov 2018
Simple honesty,
Consistent transparency,
That is what you give me.
Everything happening so organically.
Peace Aug 2018
Tendrils of my emotions spiral out, like a flower ready to bloom.

     I have found a sense of home in

Sprinkling down,
is the sweat beading upon my forehead,
increasing my neediness of your medicine.

I drink in your strength and bury my fears into your neck.

I see the confidence of your eyes and taste the genuineness of your humility.

Your skin grows within my skin as we fight to lose the shackles of our lives,
to find ourselves,
in each other's view..
You have to let love, be the loudest voice, that you hear..
Janna Jul 2018
I opened up to you

Like a flower

On the first day of spring

I feared nothing

Not even when the rain fell

For when the sun shined

I grew just a little bit more

- soulwriterj
IG: @soulwriterj
Kalen Doleman Jul 2018
Addiction to yourself.
Looking for bliss.
It comes in waves.
You search for it.
Constantly examining yourself.
Not wanting to believe in the bad,
but it is there.
Until there comes a want
a will
an ability to become.

At that point it is replaced by a power.
It is our intention.
We really want to be free.
Feel the motions.
Relieve the suffering.
Creating a life.
None smells roses’ fragrance until they bloom,
Or basks in the sun’s light until clouds break.
Our life begins with mother’s open womb,
Openly breathing every breath we take.

Even the blind can pray for open eyes,
To see the images his dreams can see.
Just as the mute must long to verbalize,
A vessel closed must let its contents free.

All life is a walk through an open door.
There is no grace without an open hand.
Arms open to embrace what we adore,
An open mind to learn and understand.

While failing love may have torn us apart,
All goodness must come from an open heart.
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