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Daisy Ashcroft Oct 2019
One word
Is all
I need
From you.
One word,
Then I
Will go,
Will disappear,
And that
I promise
Anna Sep 2019
It's funny-how one word can change everything.
One word can make the good memories fade away.
One word can hurt more than a physical blow.
One word can overtake your every thought.
One word can consume you.
One word can break you.
It's funny how one word can destroy you, but one word can also set you free.
I would rather be hit with sticks and stones- then ever have to hear that one word.
the saying "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" is a lie. It is something we say to gather strength and dignity after the words have already done their damage.
For all the things I should tell you,

I was left with only one word

I can't recall that word, for it was cold that night,

we were under a street light, no one was around

Just us and the cold breeze

Surrounding us was the foreshadowing of the now;

A future that is just us cold as your hands when I tried to hold them

As you pulled your hands away, so did your promises;

promises that made a huge smile on my face,

those were just promises as light at paper;

that were blown away by the very wind that came out your mouth

I'm still here under the same streetlight where you left.

A streetlight that keeps on following me around;

showing to others what is left of me;

a scare, is all I have left of the memories of you

A scare that was made by you ripping the smile out of me

I keep on going back to that cold night;

seeking for answers to just one word

with only a scare to remind me of everything.

It's all coming back now

it keeps getting clearer, the word that I was left with;

but with it comes this gut wrenching feeling;

the word keeps echoing through my mind

a poem that was a challenge for me but not a challenge making
Poemasabi Feb 2017
When from your mouth
the non-truth flies
and you fill your head
with your own lies
you can bluster
you can mumble
but sooner
your wall
starts to crumble
the perfect word to describe me.
I texted you one time, to ask if your sister was home.
You said, "Yup."
I asked if you could ask her to text me, since I don't have her number.
You said, "Sure."
I said, "Thanks."
That was the entire conversation between us.
It felt weird, sending you a text.
And your replies made me feel even worse.
It was obvious that you didn't care about hearing from me.
Besides, I asked you to do one thing, and you did nothing.
I got no text from your sister, nor did I get her number.
It's nice to know how much you care about me, your friend.
And more than that, you couldn't even text back "Hi" or "Hello".
If anything, you could've given me an honest answer, but you didn't.
I guess I won't be texting you for anything anymore.
Texting an ex for a reason unrelated to him, and didn't get the answer I need.
ArthurDKid Jul 2015
While rolling, trolling, strolling
Found a round astounding gem
Pull one word like a cork in the gourd
Could not accept a poem worth a foam

I accept ten word poem structured in zen
Even I tried the challenge for a change
One word is so broad; meanings could not contain in a board
How would the giver deliver the message to receiver?

I got no humor and color for that poem
Sorry but this is only my opinion; Don't bring onions
Thank you for sharing and found something worth learning
Assonance is worth trying.
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