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Kimberly Lore Oct 2018
Beside my window
There is a Japanese maple tree
And it is much taller
Than most of its kind
It survived the fire
That burnt down the original
House it stood next to
I want to be like it someday
I want to be able to withstand
Whatever life throws at me
And become more than I could ever dream
Genesee Mar 2018
6:53 PM
You didn’t have to verbalize the fact that you were leaving me.
It’s like I had a feeling that something was wrong
Everything had been fine one minute.
Then the next you sent me a paragraph
Word for word explaining your feelings and how you really felt towards me
I’ll never forget how you honestly truly hurt me emotionally.
by saying some of the things you said
One thing that hurt me the most was how you truly never cared about me
Only telling me what you thought would soothe my questioning
Distracting me from the real issue which was that I was used
Effortlessly and without a care in the word
You truly played me like a fiddle.
I think my favorite lie that you told to me.
is how you wanted to meet me offline
Let’s be realistic  for a minute.
It wasn’t going to happen.
I wanted it so badly to happen.
But in a way I was glad that it didn’t when I realized how much you used me
Why would I want to be with someone who truly didn’t accept me for me?
During the time that it all occurred
I thought I was upset and sad knowing that we never worked out.
looking back I’m so glad that It didn’t
You are one of the many lessons in life.
one out of many
Teaching me not to trust
- when I think about how you hurt me
That desperate correspondence
Of a salty conscience
... falls two droplets
Leaky prophet
NO, I have lost it!
Touched too much hot
Of the water faucet
Red hands
They remain this way
'Til they know what they're for..
Anastasia Oct 2017
It still hurts
when I see you.
It's this feeling in the pit of my stomach
A feeling I can’t quite place

The familiarity

Seeing you see me

I think I still have this
That you’ll come over to me
When we cross paths
But you don’t
Why would you?
There’s no words left for us to speak.

I guess it hurts because
You’re the one that broke me
Yet I still think you’re the only one
Who can put me back
shannon Sep 2017
The bitter cold breezes in winter
Freezes life all around
It strips everything
from the warmth and happiness
Like the trees
That once were a full bush a leaves
Left with nothing but brown homely branches
Standing alone in the middle of the field
I am the tree
Getting the life stripped out of me
Leaving me with nothing but my structure
That can barely stand these blustery winds
I feel so immeasurably alone
Empty and frozen
Because of this god awful season
Frigid, gloomy, heart breaking
You remind me of winter
JS Jun 2017
We went through a lot
We had ups
And we had downs

But what is it?
Is it pain?
Is it happiness?

I scream
I let myself hurt you


there is no answer
and there is million answers

I can control myself
And I can keep all inside
For many many months
And then it’s bad
It’s so ******* rough for so long

But then I meet you
And everything is fine
You love me, I love you
We hold each others hands
We feed each others souls

But then you leave me again
And I guess I can’t handle it

So I let myself hurt you
Killing my soul
Giving away my body

Destroying what I care about the most
Removing the pain with bigger pain
softcomponent Jun 2017
I sat behind the barricade between the street, the bar, and the park overlooking that glistening pause-asteric of the water... my phone was clamped closed at zero battery life so I was alone with the city and the city was alone with me. as subtly as I could, I pulled my pipe from the bottom of my over-encumbered backpack satiated with 6 books (and they tell me knowledge is power, but they'll probably just drive me insane with question after question after question because the study of the world is one in which the brain falls victim to exponential growth 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256)


I couldn't find my grinder, so I tore the bud by hand. More than half a nug was spent, pushed solid in place like a **** mound about to reach apocalyptic ****** thanks to the soft clitoral bonfire of a red Bic lighter.

blaze, set, and fade til you rise again
little stoner boy.
Carolyn Cagnon Dec 2016
I am a runner.
I run from the truth,
I run from the lies.
I run from possibilities,
I run towards my demise.
I run from the chances,
I run from any and all.
I run from my pain,
I run from happiness...
I just hope that I can keep
From running from you.
I am a runner...
In the past that's all I knew,
Now I have a chance at staying too.

I've always been a runner it's true;
But maybe I can be a fighter too.
Leia R Dec 2016
kiss me*
i wish to feel your breath upon every inch of my skin; my cheek, my neck, the lobe of my ear.
whisper things to me which you have told no other soul.
caress the skin of my naked back and hold me close to your heart.
love me like no one else ever could ; cherish me for the treasure i am

Leia R Dec 2016
my love for you is like the heavy beating of a falcon's wings
it is the sun that shines over the white-capped mountains
it's rays peeking through the valley just to lay upon your face
the rushing waters of even the greatest rivers call out your name as if it were a prayer upon their fluid lips

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