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Aurora RW Jan 12
I feel the spirit of another, often with a different face.

I feel the joys of being, feeling fully and completely alive.

Something that I seem to lose in reality outside of my dreams.

The most vivid dreams are of me breathing underwater.

I feel as though I am being called back to a world unlike my own, the feeling of being alive, of being complete.

In a way I cannot express in the waking day.

Every night I seem to gain a part of myself, that I always lose when I wake.

I feel as though somehow, something calls out to me, that I cannot reach, that I cannot find.

As I wake, I am haunted by the spirit until I sleep again.

Destined to repeat the cycle until my waking life brings me the joy my dreams can no longer fulfill.

Aurora RW Jan 12
From a man, at once he can drink

Two, three, four, five he tries to think

Stumbled into the kitchen

Thought he went fishin'

“Help Margret! I fell in the sink!”

Aurora RW Jan 12
The fog, she listens, she waits.
A spotlight glistens a spot on the pavement
She dances, alone, gracefully
As the rain claps around her
Brava, Brava
She twirls and spins
The moon peeks from behind tempered clouds
Catching a glimpse, of a girl among the fog
She is alive, this tiny dancer,
Not stopping, not even for a breath
The hope, joy, love
All around, beating like millions of drums
The heart of the dancer in the rain
Aurora RW Nov 2019
Born on different stars
Destined to share the light in each other’s eyes
Traveling from galaxy to galaxy, for centuries at a time
Prophesized together since our world’s conception
Longing for one another, from one millennia to the next
Two souls, one beating heart
Yearning endlessly for the rest of our days
My soul, my body, my past, present and future
For the completion of my being upon every rebirth
I feel you always and forever.
Aurora RW Nov 2019
This poem can be read three ways, straight through, 1st line every other, 2nd line every other

Her heart is closed

In a casket of gold

Sealed by magic

With stories untold

Far beyond the moonlit sky

How will this adventure unfold?

Up and away in galaxies unknown

Her soul with scars so very bold.

She makes her way to the path most sure

To find her weapon to break the mold.

Aurora RW Nov 2019
She swam by the ocean

She lived by the seas

In her heart a mermaid was she

Aurora RW Nov 2019
To have sight with no vision

To live life with no air

Freedom with no meaning

Talent with no soul

To have sight with no vision

To have light, but no love

To walk with no path,

To find no end

To have sight with no vision

What life would that be?

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