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Aurora RW Aug 2019
I'll take my heart,
I'll wrap it well,
I will send it to a place no one will tell.
I'll hide from you,
I'll hide from me.
I'll send it through the floor,
I'll send it above the roof,
Did I leave my heart in London?
Did I leave my heart in Tokyo?
I think I left it by the queen,
Or I threw it in a dream.
No one knows how to bring it home.
Aurora RW Aug 2019
The rain fell like drops of lightning,

As the bolts hit, they crashed on the glass,

Shattered, and slowly melting as they die.

The clock rung at every quarter till,

In rest, silence.

Her candle gently flicking to the exploding drops,

She stares.

She suddenly turns toward the window and feels a cold chill down her back,

But she focused herself again,

And went back to her candle.

One of my older poems I have decided to revive, I would love to see what you guys think!
Moving on the road
Passing through the breeze

I realize

Nothing to gain or nothing to loose
But never, I realize

Time had come to face the reality
Then only, I realize

I was the last, everyone ahead
Sorry, no one can help it.
Two ways were there, first was to cry
But i chose the later one
Everyone was against, I realize.

Facing the truth, stick to it
Oh yes, it is satisfactory
Feeling of complete, no one realize
But you, so keep moving on the same road
One day, everyone will realize.

— The End —