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Bleeding Doc Feb 2019
Aaj phir se uthai Kalam hath me
Kuch batane ka panno ko dil chahta hai,
Labzo me jo baat keh naa saka
Geet me gungunane ko dil chahta hai |

Kaun kehta hai ki tujh se pyar karte hai log
Bas jarurte puri karte hai log |
Jab tak zinda hai sauhrate hai teri,
Mare **** ko bhi kahan ghar me rakhte hai log |

Na koi hai tera na tu hai kisika
Jo chahe tuje tu ban jaa usi ka
Khel matlab ka duniya ne khela sada hai
Tu bhi hissa usika me bhi hissa usi ka

Jala ke **** ko rakh baha de nadi me
Aisi duniya se chutkara dil chahta hai
Aaj phir se uthai kalam hath me
Kuch batane ka panno ko dil chahta hai |

Yun to chalti rahi jindagi na ruki,
Koi aata raha koi jata raha |
Kayi khel ke dil se mere khilone ki tarah
Dil ko apne har dum behlata raha |

Kisi ne chaha kisi ne toda muje,
Me phir bhi sada muskurata raha |
Kabhi roya kabhi sadme me beh gaya,
Dil ko har baar apne behlata raha |

Badi faramaush hai duniya samaj me gaya,
Fir bhi kisi ko chahne ko dil chahta hai
Aaj phir se uthai Kalam hath me
Kuch batane ka panno ko dil chahta hai |
J Aug 2018
I have had dreams for 3 nights in a row where I am strong like ocean currents, I am amber rose sunsets, I am graceful, I am outspoken drunk girl in bar but I have not had a drink; I have swallowed everything else until now, in these dreams where I am strong. In these dreams that I have had for 3 nights in a row, you are wrong and Justice is my sneaker on your throat, it is your apology dripping venom off your tongue, it is you asking for my mercy instead of me asking you to stop over and over. In these dreams, I am telling you what you did to me in front of a  room of people that you love, instead of a room full of people that I love asking me how I even got into this situation. In these dreams, I am crushing your words in my hand and planting flowers with the dirt and dust I took out of my throat. I give them as an apology to my partner for the year we spent trying to put me back together and it only kind of working.  In these dreams I am already healed, as a past participle and as a present state, I am not fearful that I will not ever change the way I walk in the street, I can go on my old campus without forgetting how to breathe, I can do anything, really. In these dreams, for 3 nights I have been the kind of strong that other women who have had this happen to them look to for strength, I have rooted my forgiveness deep in my chest where resentment used to lay. In these dreams I am a woman I love who does not blame herself. In these dreams I am hurting you and you cannot speak. I swallow the irony. I am outspoken and loudly tell the world our story- and every time you beg or plead or say “no” I tell it again so they can hear me. In my dreams people finally hear me. I have been sleeping in.
sadgirl Oct 2017
i filled myself up
used holes in my skin, scratches from rumbles
to create dams that only held emotion

i ate away at the spare parts
let my hair fall to the ground
and rise like a phoenix, a different man/boy/beast than before

i was gone with the wind, right before you came
and tried to free me
from myself

i am so real, you should be scared
i am so alive, you should be scared
i am so close to being dead, you should look me in the eye

soc girls, look at them
and envy every madras sweater
or tuff corvette

i want the money, the heater
unloaded, the switch pressed
against my enemy

and this time, with a chance
of winning
i am possessed

and his spirit
is nothing for me
to interfere with

you think of me,
all i think about
is paul newman and a ride home

when i die, i want to be buried with
books, a pen and a piece of paper
because i want to write

every robert frost line,
and have it carved
into my own flesh

i am beautiful, no matter
how long the hair
or how short

they say i am a
hood, a greaser
but all i hear
is *stay gold
Written in the perspective of Ponyboy Curtis, from S.E Hinton's The Outsiders
Serafeim Blazej Jun 2017
Se estamos aqui afinal
Por que não terminamos com tudo no final?
Se estamos em busca sempre de algo
Por que nos preocupamos com hábitos?
Se estamos a deriva no mar
Por que continuar a velejar?
Se estamos soltos no Universo
Por que nos prendemos ao certo?
Se estamos a rimar
Por que continuar?
Styles Jun 2015
I crave her;
   sweet nigarette,
      like a cigarette.
      Her flavor,
      I will never forget.
      Her lips make,
      my tongue sweat.
neerajsoni Dec 2014
usne pucha tha meri udasi ka sabab,
mene kaha
wo aaine me tasvir ubharti he fir fanna kyu **
jati he,
usne pucha tasvir kiski dikhai deti he tumhe,
mene kaha
na uska naam he na pata fir bhi apna sa lagta
usne kaha kuch guftagu bhi kar ti he tasvir
mene kaha
ha magar alfaz nahi hote uske ankho se baat
karti he.
usne kaha kya kehti he uski ankhe mujhe bhi to
mene kaha
uski ankho me mujhe pyar nazar ata he
unkahi baato ka izhaar nazar ata he.
usne pucha kya ikrar kiya he tum ne usse
mene kaha
me to karta hu koshish-e-ikarar karne ki magar
inkar hi ajata he
usne kaha bade hi wo ** tum ikraar se darte **
mene kaha ikrar se bhala kon darta he me to bas
pyar se darta hu
me to bas pyar se darta hu
udasi ka sabab

— The End —