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six Jan 2018
here i am, grasping to all i have left like a
pathetic fool, i am in a heap on the floor.
i cannot control gravity, so i’m as close as i can to
falling straight through the earth.
Quinn Jan 2018
i think i forgot to take my pills today

i swear somebody just slammed a car door
behind me

why else would my ear be ringing and my
body jumping

unless that was simply the sound of my
neck snapping.

as my
body dis-
and every-
looks like a
circle be-
cause it
all whizzes
past me
my body


that was the sound of my neck snapping.

Maybe i just rolled my head
back too hard in agony
tragic forget-mistake

'take these

'or what?'

'you might feel like yourself'

what a thought.

This can't be me-
i've cried three
times today, please
someone tell me
why i can't sleep
without dreaming
because i always
have to wake up.
I hate missing a day, I always feel insane :P
Ryan Poplett Jan 2018
Thinking is a difficult thing.
Thinking is a difficult thing.
You think that thinking may be too much thinking for you,
Your mind flowing like the wind, in the wind, on the wind,
Stepping through the passage of the wind, unknown to you.
Highlight cities in grass so green
That thinking seems a silly thing
Thinking is a difficult thing.
I've decided to post all of the poems I've written, in the order that I wrote them. My first has already been posted and it is called "Movements of Water".

I didn't like this poem at first but it's sort of grown on me and it's fun to say.
Sam Kauffmann Dec 2017
I don’t think I want to go to class today
But around you I don’t know what I think
I think I thought that you think I think
But I thought you thought that you loved me
My senses are nonsensical
My thoughts are a jumble
Of words and phrases
So maybe I should go to class
Just this one time
Because then I put these thoughts on paper
But I still can’t say them to your face
Because then they come out like
Class I maybe have shouldn’t gone thought to
I have a class with you today
And if I could cry-
for just a little while
My body would run dry

Tear ducts, like air ducts
I need a replacement
The ventilation is all wrong

Misty and fogged glasses-
Impair my vision
Remove them and I am blind

Blind to the heartache-
the metaphorical bleeding
inside of my mind

Every day the pain grows-
Grows roots, roots that once
kept me grounded

Now I'm surrounded-
by the demons I once

Rip the roots from my feet
and all I'm left with is nothing.

Nothing but darkness
and blank space

Dark and deep
The black hole In which I keep you
Swirls infinitely

I brace myself for impact
the meteorite sets it sights
on my chest
****** target, take aim and
gain flight

Don't miss, you'll regret it

I could be angry, but what's the point?

You're gone forever
and never coming back
© 2017 Christina Jackson
Happy birthday daddy <3 I miss you every day
Elin Roberts Aug 2017
you are the white in my eyes
the blood in my veins
you are everywhere, yet nowhere all at once

confusingly sensible
reliably unreliable
so dangerously safe

my uprising and my downfall
i mask this uncertainty with the face you wear
hidden in plain sight

so violently soft
i take what you give
stolen willingly

a thief in the night
i embrace your darkness
and revel in the light you shine

your touch, so gentle, it burns
yet i find comfort in this pain
inhuman in its humanity

they say opposites attract
and this love is nonsensical
but i'll accept what is given

for it is given by you
i make no sense of this but make sense of you
Em MacKenzie Jun 2017
Sometimes when I skip rocks at the sea,
I'm surprised it doesn't throw them right back at me.
As when I was a much younger girl,
I always kicked out at the world,
but the world kicked back harder each time,
maybe just trying to keep me in line.

In life there's a set of lessons that we have to learn,
like passing your hand through a flame and seeing eventually that your skin will burn.
Or trusting the wrong person to keep your secrets and to guard your heart,
because more often than not, you'll have it ripped apart.

Maybe these thoughts hold no meaning,
but I've been dying just to get them out.
Since I was born I've been fiending,
to know what this whole life is about.

Every night I look for life in the skies,
but the only other world I've found is in my dog's eyes.
Her world is a place where love is given freely,
where ours is where our hearts leave unintentionally.

Maybe these thoughts hold no value,
but I've been dying just to give them air.
You would if you were plagued by them too,
I just want one night where my mind's bare.

Sometimes I envy those who don't hold their tongues,
I'm filling up with unspoken words and they're now filling up my lungs.
If I keep staying silent I will most likely drown,
but if I open up my mouth the water will rush on down.

Do you ever think we live in a picture painted by manipulative hands?
because from far away it looks perfect, but close up the colours have blended at the strands.
Maybe we're just hung on a wall with a glance from bored eyes,
and the only sounds in the gallery is a mix of yawns and sighs.

Maybe these thoughts hold no currency,
but I've been dying just to get them out.
Right now my mind's in a state of emergency,
I've been crying so hard that there's now a drought.
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