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Cedric Jan 2017
As I start my day waking up from bed,
I would start my daily routine of dread.
"I woke up yet again,
From my slumber of ten."
My ten hours of sleep from waking up dead.
A limerick of living in a causal loop - never noticing it in the first place.
Adelle Stone Oct 2016
Rain drops
Cookie dough
red 1/5
blue 1/5
bippity boppity boo
everybody clap your hands
Quite atrocious
To Infinity, and BEYOND
This is my
Lewis Carroll like
Dumbledore Approved
Because I can
And that's that
I'll prepare a boat
to send my stupidity aboard
and provide it with a paddle
driven by the regretful memories that often made me shatter.
At times I wonder if my stupidity is to ever surrender?
tamia Mar 2016
yesterdays are a day away
until more yesterdays arrive
and the old yesterdays go farther
and they turn to yesteryears
as new days come
and the first of yesterdays are all too far away
because time is a silly little thing
and we look forward to better days
Spenser Bennett Feb 2016
There's an impossibility standing adjacent to the nearest star bound body
It waves and beckons with a sincere familiarity so unnaturally
I am the end of the undulating tunneled vision
I am become a silhouette of a dead city caught in the decaying story bones fiction

We are all emptiness and our emptiness is how we define ourselves.
But our emptiness will become a river into which we will find the world to be held.
The universe exists in the eyes of those who live without the sight to see
Those breathing, freezing stars that burn into the heart buried deep.

Constructs of will and portions of strength cut out the guilt of my youth
All roads lead to the sky but I will not seek to understand you
Futures are made in blinks and beats
Are they aware of the way we lay with our tangled feet under these threadbare sheets?

Follow the light of my darkness
A single shot of whiskey and a conversation whisks away my heart's hardness
All cool and breezy across the great green oceans
I'll meet you halfway between loss and a facsimile of dreamed emotions
Seth Milliman Jan 2016
A door in the wall,
A roof on the cellar.
Gone in the mind,
Like a pantheon pillar.
What voice can you have,
When you're no longer seen.
Your laughter your voice,
Like a midsummers dream.
katie Dec 2015
Cerci Lannister.
Hiding nothing.
T-shirts with no bras.
Disney princesses.
Gay rights.
Doing what I want.
Black rights.
Women rights.
Moving out.
Saying what I think.
Breaking up with him.
Human rights.

Middle fingers.

Belief in self.
Brother Jimmy Nov 2015
Sockety chispy
Maffa-locee yum
Crots in the pots and
Boogey Man's thumb

Fickle spackle crumb cake
Rintrah's roarin' too
Roostah-puck 'n fleasteak
Elephant shoe
(Silly shizz)
June West Oct 2015

I remembered the other day while staring out of a car window
looking west
that i couldn't see up close.

I guess its like a thing i have
eye doctors say is either near sighted or far sighted.
I thought it could be quite the metaphor
like how i kinda cant see what i have till its gone
or maybe
it connects with art an perspective
like its really all where you stand
or position yourself
I mean, how can you really think you get a thing
or painting if you will
and feel confident enough to slap a label on it
predefining everything it is or could be
until you see it from all angles.

Then when i took that thought and made it abstract
I found myself in new angles
that i didnt even know existed
often enough
to know that
in myself i lack to say
I get.

I think the beauty is in the undefinable,
maybe let it be
Dazzled in catching yourself
in sudden observation
the kind where you're not sure how long you could have been zoned out
suddenly realizing whats in front of you.

out a window facing west
a view
my view
narrows in tunnel vision
on the rearview mirror
reminding me of what i cant see
objects in mirror are closer than they appear
and i got to thinkin
if I were to have labeled that rearview mirror
or any maybe all rearview mirrors including metaphorical ones
It woulda probably went along the lines of something
step outside yourself and meet at a coffee shop
I wish you luck

_ _ for the more cynical sailor mouthed_ _
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