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Sam Kauffmann Jul 2019
Wait, no
Could it be?
Is it finally happening?
I think it might be
Stay calm
I tell myself
Don’t blow it
You’ll blow it
No I won’t
She’s funny
She’s sweet
She likes what I like
Maybe this
Maybe this is it
I don’t know
I haven’t used the L-word
Not yet
But I feel it
On the tip of my tongue
I want to scream it
I want to say
I love you
But I haven’t
Not yet
I don’t want
To make it weird
So I say the other
Thoughts in my head
I like you
You’re cute
You’re sweet
You’re amazing
But all I want to say is
I'm in my first relationship and I'm not sure what to do
  Jul 2019 Sam Kauffmann
Bob B
They say in Washington, D.C.
That few are hated as much as he.
Of course, that all depends on whom you ask.
If you ask him, he contends
He's not there to make more friends.
Pushing his agenda is his task.

Yep, the man has found his niche--
The man known as Moscow Mitch.

His biggest friend in D.C. now
Is Donald Trump. Notice how
The two men are connected at the hip.
They will sacrifice--insane!--
Democracy for political gain
With their vile, disgusting partnership.

Yep, the man has found his niche--
The man known as Moscow Mitch.

He truly doesn't dignify
The Senate, where bills go to die.
He prefers to make up his own rules.
Obviously, Mitch's goal
Is only to maintain control
And stack the federal courts with far-right fools.

Yep, the man has found his niche--
The man known as Moscow Mitch.

We know that Russians interfered
In our elections, but what's weird
Is Mitch McConnell doesn't seem to care.
Since Russians helped Trump win before,
He could use their help once more.
Without their help he wouldn't have a prayer.

Yep, the man has found his niche--
The man known as Moscow Mitch.

Just look at his expressionless mug.
(People say he resembles a slug--
A slug with an empty, vapid frown.)
If people really knew what's good,
And if they cared at all they would
Find a candidate to bring him down.

Yep, the man who found his niche--
The man known as Moscow Mitch.

-by Bob B (7-27-19)
Sam Kauffmann May 2019
My skin
It burns
It fries
It boils
And splits
I melt
I want
To stop
To drop
To roll
But I can’t
I can’t
Free myself
From the flames
That engulf
My body
The flames are
My love
My passion
My fear
My anxiety
My need
My desire
I just
Want water
To put out
This fire
That I caused
This fire
That I want
All I need
Is someone
To put out
The flames
You could
Put them out
But I pushed
You away
Because I know
You would
Leave anyway
So I burn
I blaze
Through the night
Night turns
To day
And I
Am nothing
I am
A pile
Of ash
I could be
A phoenix
Sam Kauffmann Nov 2018
I want to be a CAPITAL LETTER
I want to be SCREAMED at the world
I want to be SEEN from space
I want to be NOTICED
I want to be the START OF SOMETHING
I want to be the HEADLINE
I want to be the ANNOUNCEMENT
I want to STAND OUT
But I just want to be yours
Sam Kauffmann Nov 2018
It’s a cold wind
Blowing through my sweater
Through my t-shirt
Through my skin
To the bone

It’s a wet cold
The kind you can’t shake off
The kind you think
Will never go away
My teeth would chatter
If it was a real cold
But it’s mental

It’s a pulsing pain
Like a bad bruise
Like a torn muscle
Like how your legs feel
After leg day
At the gym

It’s a burn
Like touching a hot stove
Like running through flames
To save someone
Who was never there
So now you’re on fire
For no reason

It’s a heart attack
But slow
A violent attack
On everything in your heart
On who you love
On what you believe
And you want to die
To stop it

It’s a punch to the face
Breaking teeth
And busting your lip
Now you’re gushing blood
You want to swing back
But you’re the only one there
You fight back the tears
So you won’t look weak
But you’re the only one there

It’s ******
Because you can’t get enough
You know it’s bad
You know it hurts
You know it changes you
And people see it
And it scares them away
But you keep going back

Because you’re addicted.
It's been a rough week
Sam Kauffmann Oct 2018
My heart doesn't drop
Like I assumed it would
Like it does when
I see the other girls I like
But you're different
You always have been
I like you
But it's more than that
I think I love you
Because my heart
Doesn't sink
When I see you
Instead it speeds up
And I can feel
The lifeblood
Run through my veins
And I smile
Not a huge grin
But a smile
A smile that shows
The sun has come out
You stop to talk to me
And I never want it to end
I want to walk with you
To wherever you're going
I want to hold your hand
Our fingers intertwined
We would walk
To a picnic table
Set in the bright green grass
With a red checkered cloth
Draped upon it
A basket sits centered
On the heart of the table
A bottle of wine
Its neighbor to the left
We would take our seats
Across from each other
And I would open the wine
And as I pour you a glass
You would say
That you love me
To which I would reply
That I love you too
And that
That little sentence
Those three words
That "I love you"
Fills the sky with light
I don't feel this way
About many people
But there's something different
About you
Something that makes me think
My heart is confused
As it flies instead of sinking
But maybe it's just me
Maybe I'm confused
Because I've never been in love
Not like this
Not where hope runs high
Without any evidence
I guess
I just never felt irrational love
But I guess
I do now
So this is what love feels like?
Is this what love feels like?  I saw you and I could picture all this.  You're magic.
Sam Kauffmann Oct 2018
I lost a chance I never had
A wild imagination
Running free in a field of over-confidence
Jumping the streams of unconscious denial
Climbing the mountain of my insecurities
A mirage of hope is a desert
I stop to catch my breath
As I try to capture the chance
But it escapes my grasp
Time after time
All I ever wanted was a chance
But all I ever got
Was a dream
I never really had a chance, did I?
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