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suicidal twitch Nov 2015
My friend is bi-gender.
I'm not sure whether to say him or her,
But I really don't want to offend him/her...

After a lot of research about it,
And countless nights of no sleep, I'll admit.
I've finally come to a conclusion, I won't throw a fit.

At first I was scared,
I was scared that no one cared,
But then I saw your smile, and how you looked prepared,
"I've come to my decision!" I had declared.

I'm oh so very proud of my double gendered friend,
It still amazes me to no end.
Although others will say that you pretend,
I'll stay by your side as the days begin to blend.
Shout out to my bi-gender friend!
suicidal twitch Nov 2015
There's a logical explanation for evey problem of mine that arises,
The universe runs on a set of fated laws leaving no room for surprises,
This morning I put on a mask that was indeed fake,
And now it seems like that mask of mine shall soon break.
Eh... I dunno...
suicidal twitch Oct 2015
My "job" at school isn't important,
But its more important than most,
I do what others refuse too, who can't,
I don't take orders from the Host.

The Host makes girls spread rumours.
The Host makes girls fight.
The Host tries to make me do humour.
But the Host can't make me do anything,
Much to my delight!

I was meant to be a messenger,
The simplest of my type,
I still am with gears turning and stirring
But I was fitted with too much hype.

They can't really blame me for silly things,
Or when things go wrong,
The can try blame me for spreading my wings,
But this position just feels so wrong...

I was simply meant to be messenger,
But know I'm like a ghost,
I'll trundle down these hallways,
Always defying the Host...
Basically my whole school acts like this...
suicidal twitch Sep 2015
She's done it! She's free!
But now that "She" is a "He"!
I'm proud of Him. As should be!
For now he smiles in glee!

He's jolly again, grins from ear to ear!
I can't help but shed a tear.
I'll support you always my darling dear.
Even when the bullies sneer.

Bu my Hannah is now a Ryan.
Once a woman, now a man.
You're doing what I can't;
You're restarting your life and its just began.

I'm so proud of you.
But you already knew.
I'll support you through and through,
Even when life becomes anew.
My best friend came out as being transgender, and I'm supporting him every step of the way!
suicidal twitch Sep 2015
I may look weak.
I may look pathetic.
And I may look gullible.
But if you insult me,
My friends,
Or even my family.
I'm not afraid to mutilate you.
I may go to hell for my indecency.
But get this;
If I go to hell, I'm dragging you with me.
suicidal twitch Jul 2015
It hurt when you said that I was "to blame"
Many had said it was such a shame
What we had was great
But still I knew it wouldn't last
Because I saw the look in your eyes as I past
When you gave me the message
My heart broke in two
I thought that day
That I meant nothing to you
But over time while my heart started healing
I realised something that changed my life completely
We had a friendship
That no one could break
Even if it was more then my heart could take
I thought if I avoid you, I wouldn't be reminded
Of the love we had, that had subsided
But the pain has gone now
And replaced with happiness
Because even if you broke my heart
Our friendship could never die
Even if all I am saying sounds like a lie
All I am asking
Is for your forgiveness
To start again
But as good friends?
Written by my ex, she was a beauty, but I loved her more like a sister.
(bluefirewolffie on deviant art)
suicidal twitch Jul 2015
And in this courtroom
So filled with Four Nations
The Sun held her head up high,
Lighting the way for their tales and psalms:

I am the King of Spades.
Righteous ambition is my goal.
The bravery of the Spades is made known to others
Only through such matters.
Perseverance is our path to Victory
Endurance, our greatest desire.
We, the Spades, partner with Father Time
To belong as a mighty people
Forever more.

I am the Queen of Diamonds
The splendor and enjoyment of Life's beauty is my passion.
A Diamond's journey is a one of glorious awe
That no one can compare.
Loveliness surrounds this pretty people
And the Artist shall forever be pleased by them.
Our perception of artistry leaves most in awe
And this fact is forever the passion we strive for.

I am the Queen of Clovers
Survival is the sole lifestyle of the Clovers
In this wretched and unforgiving world
The Clovers must stay strong
Holding the clubs of the ancients,
We prevail
Onward shall we extend our power
The Clovers will remain
Forever the mightiest.

I am the King of Hearts.
The rapid spread of emotional ties
Is what us Hearts long for.
Threads of fate surround our people
Binding them to one another.
Love, lust, infatuation
Oh, these are the things that steady our nation!
So filled with Faith, Hope and Love
Our Hearts shan't fail us
As passion will never cease
To flow in our veins
—ah, yes!
This is the way of the Hearts.

And in this courtroom
So filled with Four Nations
The Sun laid down her head
Whilst the Moon finally awoke and,
Smiled his light onto them below.
This was made by my fanfiction friend called Sam-Chan who gave it to me! :3
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