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atptla Apr 2018
In the midst of a circle consists of  fragile pains,
Beneath a sly smile, I'm writhing by scratching my veins.
Blameless faces have alined curiously around,
Peeking their rots without mind the mornful sound.

More noisy than hypocrite confessions, a dirgeful story is being told,
By the mutes to deafs, to deceive the coming of foretold.
The matt masterpiece is marching to the sky,
Rising by grumbling, silenced menace is nigh.

A secrecy blessed with soil is waiting upon a serene howl,
Spilling out a delusion and a dream from mouth of an owl.
Trying to straighten up and ignore the pain a dull aeon long,
To reach a shelter as frail as a cradle song.

My blunt heart is bleeding, bewaring from violence lying in wait,
But can't help minding the tender voice coming from labyrinths reaching out my fate.
Walking through the silent ruins around the cold and moist stone track,
Watching the ravens hiding the time and flying into black.

An old tree, shoken by thunder once and will never bloom,
Lies beside the sea enclosing a naive gloom.
Running towards exhausted to lay down under it for a forlorn sleep,
But the ground is shaking with a cursed scream from deep.

Shaking me, the lost roar of a forgotten nightmare,
Glancing up to the sky, mire have covered the air.
The faceless man is nearing to me creeping within miasmal cinder,
Postponing the untold till the arrival of frozen winter.
atptla Mar 2018
Fallen leaves sleep on a lake, sealed with a long forgotten tale.
The heady wind that doesn't let the trees to sleep rules the desolate vale.
Yet, lily-white blossoms, much shinier than arrogant moonlight,
Held their breaths, blinking the shyness, wait on blue philomels' flight.

A poor voice shivers, under the calm water and firm ground,
As to be known by the faltering stars and not to lose his only bound.
Once offered his heart to her white hands hurting with each caress,
But dug it into a fair melody as he was afraid to confess.

In dancing delicacy of a raindrop, his disowned words are hidden,
Has to stay awake, but night is endless and the morning is forbidden.
Wraps around his neck with cold fingers, bereavement fed by devious dismay,
Bereft of remedy, he watches his asunder soul's draining away.
atptla Mar 2018
Walking lamely under a red sun,
Carved eyes and a faded skin, trying to run.
Twisted his fingers, removed his nails,
Hoping to be safe behind veils.

His skin had clung on his bones,
A non-aesthetic convulsion knitted by groans.
Escaping from shadows keeping a dusty pledge,
A deadly hunt dragging him into delirium's edge

Started to fill him up, anger and grudge,
He lost the faculty to judge.
With pain, opened his stitched mouth,
But knew that he was not allowed.

Tasted a dense sulfur while breathing,
And his vermillion blood began bleeding.
His sickly skin felt the soothing warmth,
A mild breeze came from north.

Became evident, shadows' faces,
He could see their stitching traces.
With a smile, wailful but silent and relieved,
Embraced his end that already conceived.
atptla Feb 2018
Days passing by without talking,
Hours passing by yielding to a timid longing.
A longing that cries like a brute in chains wanting to be free,
Killing each of the desires and wishes in me.

I have a place where I watch all my dreams be immolated,
Beneath enhsrouded clouds having a story needs to be recited.
I have a burden inside that I can't dare to elude,
As I require it to feel safe and appease my feud.

Millions of hollow words spoken sincerely and tended to be forgot,
And millions of broken promises burried in my heart,
Echoing in blank last and going astray,
Nothing left for me to hold on and hinder the decay.

Weaker now, the modest sound in my chest,
Drowning meekly but in suspense at death's behest.
Fading strength, and falling a pearless snowflake,
Beseeching this cold sanctity to ease my ache.

My tenuity can't strive with time's withering,
And I hear an ominous whistle's whispering.
While the last light dies out into dark,
You will be lost in time without leaving a mark.
atptla Feb 2018
Gently lying behind dreary mist,
A heuteur no one could resist.
Bleak lament leaked from soil to raven night,
Beneath the cruel reign of deific white.

Memories mouldered in musty dreams,
Fragile words became lorn screams.
Sentenced to die for a forgotten crime,
Mirth fondled my face for the last time.  

Tearing apart, a pale sigh on my lips,
Took a step to my modest eclipse.
Floating with a consoling lullaby,
As hideous sins were passing by.

An unreachable myth feeding the pain,
Hoping a merciful sain was just in vain.
Pure credence merged with black in June,
Tainted tears will embrace me soon.

— The End —