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Mary Allard Jan 19
I gave you my heart.
I don't know where you put it.
Mary Allard Jan 14
When you grow up on love songs,
it gets pretty ******* hard to live without.
Mary Allard Nov 2020
know me better than most, they say
my adjectives and nouns
but when i fell down in the forest
no one heard a sound
Mary Allard Nov 2020
I told you that I'd wait forever,
now I fear I always will
Becoming sadder by the minute,
the love that time can't ****
Mary Allard Nov 2020
My darling, sweet Prince Charming
now whiskey in the night
The arms that were so fond of love
are now so keen to fight
Awakened by the thought of you
left ending in a dream
When you said you loved me
what did you really mean?
Mary Allard Nov 2020
If you can romanticize the hurt,
you must romanticize the heal.
Romanticize that his arms won't be the only thing you'll feel.
Although they were so loving, his kisses tenderly,
remember he chose to walkaway
he could have chosen me.
Mary Allard Nov 2020
an embrace from the past carries me to this day
how can i come back to reality
when the clouds of my clouded thoughts
are a reflection of pink
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