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Pockets Aug 2020
The cat licks it's ***
While the mice run free
The menu music plays
For ratatouille on DVD
I’m to lazy to press play
I'd rather listen to django
And watch the cat lick it's ***
I wonder if any of the mice know how to cook if that's a
skill that can only be learned by rats

The menu loops again
Nylee May 2020
Every morning when I wake up
I need two spoons of courage
for breakfast to last till night.
menu, commands,
controls and in it a
chip of solace.
© Feelings Coated
Masha Yurkevich May 2019

Today's Menu:

2 Choices...

1. Take it


2. Leave it

What will you choose?
Ella Downing Mar 2019
A fresh, hot glance in the mirror

To start
A lingering feeling of fat-shame served on a bed of between-wash hair with a  dash of blemishes

An overture of ovulating positivity, a feeling of unfiltered joy and self-love.
Braisen confidence with likeability

Amuse bouche
Insufferable indecision

A sharp (too sharp) sting of sarcasm washed down with a sweet apology chaser.
Lauren Dec 2018
If there was a tilde wave and you had a surfboard, I still think you would die.
And if you didn't die you would sail past bodies and ******* and weird things like vacuum hoses and cafe menus would float by, and I think that would make you feel sick.
Mei Jul 2018
Now that your literary fire is ablaze,
it is your turn to use it
to change the world.
Make it a warm cozy home
with doors spread wide
like a mother's arms
that welcome a kid
who had a bad day from school
or a husband from work.

Use that fire to make
your own signatured
sumptuous literary menus
that will ease hunger for hope,
fuel a day ahead,
or light a dark path
to lead a bright one.

Now, pour all the grains of your mind,
cook it with all your life's experiences,
add a heart to taste,
and a sprinkle of soul to finish. Taadaah!
You have the most exquisite literary piece in the world to feed the entire universe.

Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2018
Though, I' m full
Let me taste your soul

Will you?
February Air
Nylee Jul 2017
I eat sadness for breakfast , lunch and dinner
but there is some still left more
May be I can finish it tomorrow
or the day after

Or I will share it with someone else
and make this sad feelings empty faster .
Julie Langlais Mar 2016

Wrong Tons With Me Soup
cooked worry
seared in a teary onion broth

Hors D'oeuvres
Slow Roasted Fear
fresh over-analyzing
crushed with loneliness

Main Course
Stress Salad
tossed with insomnia
marinated in a vertigo dressing

General Trouble Chicken
battered uncertainty
gloomed to perfection
sitting on steamed danger
stir fried in an overwhelm sour sauce

Choked Volcanic Eruption
mountain of OCD
topped with whipped depression
glazed with self-loathing

prepared with frothy guilt

(C) Jl 2016
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