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There is sadness
in everywhere I look
in everywhere I go
How long
Will it take?
For the sadness
To finally take me?
Ana Laag Mar 15
You crashed my spirit in your hands.
Crampled it like a sheet of paper.
You leave my soul with cracks.
I'm broken and you didn't bother.
You trampled on my feelings,
I get caught up in your maze of madness.
The wounds that you left stings,
Leaving me with no senses.
You left me in despair.
And I suffer alone.
Ana Laag Mar 15
I suffer from my own made up complexes.
Building walls not bridges,
Isolating myself from everyone and him.
It's not yet clear.
My mind is in chaos.
My head is messed up.
Is it just me?
Or him?
Or maybe us?
Ana Laag Mar 14
My father already knew it.
When he said,
"You're gonna be heartbroken again."


"Yes, I knew too."
Ana Laag Mar 4
I have been,
from both sides.
From being
the good one
the bad one.
But I guess,
giving your best,
is not
always enough.
is not always enough.
Ana Laag Mar 4
My boy,
Always wishing,
that I'd stay...
But it's not evident,
that he wants me to.
keep playing this game...
Not gonna call you a man,
'til you stand up to become one.
Ana Laag Feb 6
He taught me,
how to get lost.
I taught myself,
how to get found.
2619 6:15pm
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