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MaxiM May 2018
To believe the lie is to believe you are free.
MaxiM7: Caution
MaxiM May 2018
Innovate or Dissipate
MaxiM8: Growth
MaxiM Jun 2018
A world not talking to you, is a world spent thinking about you
MaxiM9: Love
MaxiM Jun 2018
Life isn't about endings, its a series of moments.
MaxiM11: Perspective
MaxiM Jun 2018
Supremacy is the evil within.
MaxiM: Demons
MaxiM Jun 2018
To grow old is not to grow wise, but to grow wise one must grow old.
MaxiM14: Wisdom
MaxiM Jun 2018
For i have found myself basking in sin,
i ask those who share this to come forth,
stand with me,
for who walks this earth as an innocent,

No man, no woman, no child,
no one of this title,
no matter the stature of them,
no matter the wealth they posses or lack.

For the divine see all,
and in seeing all they see the dark buried in all light,
as a grain of sand casts a shadow when confronting the sun,
just as we all have sin.
MaxiM Jun 2018
Dark clouds do not point to a storm,
just as clear sky's do not point to calm winds.
MaxiM16: Assumption
MaxiM Jul 2018
Death has no prejudice.
MaxiM17: Life/Death
MaxiM Jul 2018
The heart has no eyes
MaxiM17: Love
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