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tamia Jan 2018
Antonia, it’s time to rise today
Your breakfast is ready, your tutor waits
“Time is running", mama says
There’s much to learn as a princess

Antonia, follow whatever we please
Stand tall and straight, hide your scarred knees
You’re no longer a little girl
You’re bound to be a queen of the world

Antonia, quickly, put on your shoes
Lace your corset so it’s anything but loose
If you’re short of breath, you’ll have to wait
A true royal must never be late

Antonia, there’s no more time to play
With your chin up, follow what we say
You must learn to be a trophy of France
To walk with grace, to speak, to dance

Antonia, stop laughing like a witch
Don’t be a disgrace, you’re not a *****
You’ll change your name and all in between
Marie Antoinette is who you are as queen

Marie Antoinette, with beauty from the gods,
You’ll marry a man you’ve never loved
You’re off to France, now say goodbye,
You are to leave everything behind

Marie Antoinette, you lover of life,
With your luxury and power, your kingdom’s in strife
As you live your own Versailles delusion
Your kingdom is brewing a violent revolution

Marie Antoinette, do you remember the sweet days of sixteen?
Here it all ends, with a cruel guillotine.
Antonia, free spirit, never meant to be
A girl chained by royalty, a reigning queen.
the tragedy of marie antoinette
Hannah Beasley Jan 2018
Marie is a rebellion,
A stark fight
A ****** war
Like no other
She is the depth
of the ocean
Fish, sea monsters
and all
Marie is
A mistress
if you will
A vision
Of grace,
Twinkling eyes,
Blue as the sky
Marie is
like a
yet delightful
Marie is a
powerful storm
In the dead of night
She is the
child everyone
Wishes for
Never receives
Marie is
Yet is never seen
Without a smile
A beautiful
Made of
Pixie dust
Marie is
Like the sun,
Ever so brightly
She desires
A loving home,
In someone's
Joshua Dougan Jan 2017
Hello Baby Girl, welcome to this crazy situation.
This world of opportunity and lazy Lamentations.
Don't worry though my daughter, we will be alright.
Cause we're not to falter, we always see what's right.
Your family loves you, they won't leave you be.
But trust me at the end of the day it will be you and me.
Cause I'm your daddy and your my blessed beauty.
And the love I feel for you really says it truly.
Bringing you into this world of so much pressure,
Me and your mom decided to call you Esther.
Your middle is Marie, and your last takes after me.
But trust me you will always be my Georgia Peach.
My daughter was born last night. 6lbs7oz 19in long at 8:10pm. Esther Marie is poised to make us a very proud family. We love her and are very happy to have finally met her.
Down in the bayou where the mangroves grow
There's talk of black voodoo, like Marie Leveau
The Swamp Witch, is legend, she has magic so black
That those who have seen her, have never come back
There;s tales of the noises that come from the dark
Of werewolves and zombies as rough as the bark
The mangroves are sentinels, to where the magic resides
Where even a longboat has no room to glide
Bodies go missing from the graveyards most nights
And there's always a fog shading the fireflies lights
The Swamp Witch is ruler and Queen of this world
Where souls are all taken and spines can be curled
They say that she came here from Canadian lands
She was a metis they say, from the Western Tar Sands
A mystic by nature, a dark witch by blood
She lives deep in the swamp, protected by gators and mud
The gators respect her, they do as she bids
They keep watch on the waters, they're her reptillian kids
She keeps zombies as gendarmes, collecting bodies to turn
Just how black is her magic, no one can discern
The Swamp Witch is legend, she is as old as all time
The air in the bayou is as thick as the slime
The cajuns say voodoo is the core of her heart
They avoid fishing where the mangrove trees start
The Swamp Witch, a legend ? or is she truly the Queen
She's the Louisiana Witch, no one survives once she's seen.....
Nathan Horkstrom Dec 2015
Her Masterpiece Is Her Story

Her paintbrush is a razor,
Her canvas, her wrists,
"I deserve the pain."
She shrugs and insists.

One day the brush will push down,
And it will cut so deep,
That this girl will fall
into an eternal sleep.

She doesn't remember how she started
What brought her interest to this,
How do you discover,
that cutting is your form of bliss?

No one would have guessed that she does it.
No one would have considered this one.
This girl is forever fighting a battle,
that she thinks the demons have won.

Her artwork is all over her,
Her beauty is on her thighs,
and if you look in her old trash,
you'll find her letters of goodbye.

Her masterpiece is quite disturbing,
Her masterpiece is a little gory,
Her artwork is her escape.
Let me tell you her story.

She compares herself to every person,
She is compared to each girl.
She thinks she's hideous,
And there's this boy that is her world.

She was bullied and picked on,
She was teased from head to toe,
Hard to believe that her best friend,
was her one and only foe.

Then later she disliked every little thing,
Her body, face and even her mind,
Soon she saw she was a failure,
and it was just in due time...

That this girl couldn't take it anymore
She'd decided she was done living this,
So one day she went home
and decided to end it.

Everyday for multiple days,
This girl would try to drown,
Hard to believe this girl at school,
never ever wore a frown.

Sometimes she'd just fall asleep crying,
Praying that she'd be enough,
Because she didn't want to leave her family.
She knew about their sweet love.

This girl found hope in small things eventually,
She soon would see this beautiful light,
and find a REAL best friend,
that helped her put up a fight.

Her masterpiece soon was leaving,
Her artwork was almost faded,
and it gave her a sick feeling,
the feeling of being jaded.

She found a boy that actually loved her,
And showed her love exists,
And this boy too had a masterpiece,
placed close to his wrists.

He related to her and she related to him.
She kissed his artwork and said he's not alone,
When she cut herself it hurt him,
Her masterpiece now wasn't just her own.

Her masterpiece effected others,
Her artwork wasn't just for herself,
She now had people,
who saw her cries for help.

And then her family found out,
So then they saw the art too,
to them they were just scars,
To her they were the truth.

She's trying to be okay now,
She thinks she might survive,
Even though they didn't think
to take away the knives.
This poem gets to me deeply.
Marie-Chantal Apr 2015
On alabaster ear lobes
Were two white pearls,
And to the sweet Marie Celeste,
Would sing the joys of the world.

She was born in June.  
Loved to dance.

It's quite tragic, really,
That she was on that ship,
The one called the Marie Celeste.

A mystery never resolved, you see.
The pearls whispered the joys of the world,
But they never whispered the joys of the sea.

Pearls do not lie, but sing
On the lobes of an odd thing,
White pearls on white lobes,

Marie Celeste would only wear white robes.

The summer months were not enjoyable,
Marie Celeste hated the heat.
She was always the one who asked the questions,
And the one who died at sea.

If by chance, when under water,
You find a pair of dusty pearls,
Will they still sing, I wonder,
The joys of the whole wide world?
Marie Celeste has been a character in my head recently
Kaitlyn Marie Nov 2014
In his eyes, I see what I feel inside but he has an excuse. In his eyes, I see a world shattered by negligence and abuse. In his eyes I see a tipping ***, hot and enraged. In his eyes, I see a boy, wanting to unleash himself from his cage.

In his eyes I see me
I see my locked up thoughts
my hidden apologies

my brains own starvation
the dirt in his eyes
I have, only in disguise.
@Copyright Kaitlyn Marie
marriegegirl Jun 2014
Quand il s'agit de invitations .j'ai un petit faible grave .Ajoutez à la typographie ?Et je suis fait .Tel est le cas pour cette beauté éblouissante intemporel de Kimberly FitzSimons .Sa conception d'invitation parfaitement préparé le terrain pour ce classique .soirée élégante et je ne peut s'empêcher d'être en admiration .Continuez votre robe de soirée grande taille lecture pour entendre l'inspiration derrière l'invitation !

De Kimberly FitzSimons鈥J'ai conçu cette suite d'invitation pour la jeune mariée .Jessica .qui avait l'intention d'une réception de mariage classique et élégant à L' Hôtel Drake à Chicago .Elle était un client très mémorable pour moi parce que je n'ai pas seulement appris à s'asseoir avec elle.mais ses parents aussi!Ils ont chacun contribué entrée à ce qui est devenu un mariage magnifique suite d'invitation .Jessica avait une palette de couleurs très neutre ;blanc était une couleur focal avec des teintes subtiles .y compris une taupe de lumière crémeuse .Comme

vous pouvez le voir sur les photos de mariage de Jessica .ses couleurs fraîches robes demoiselles d honneur et neutres jumelés parfaitement avec son style poli .En fonction des préférences de Jessica pour les neutres et élégance classique .nous avons conçu cette invitation intemporel qui était typographie imprimée dans une encre de Cobblestone lumière sur le papier de coton blanc doux .\u003cp\u003e
Jessica a donné ses invités un aperçu de son beau jour de votre mariage à travers le papier .Son économie-le- dates (également imprimées en encre Cobblestone ) présentait robe de soirée grande taille un sens Frank Sinatra citation : " Le meilleur est encore à venir .viendra le jour Tu es à moi . "Elle a été suivie par un 7 " invitation typographique carré surdimensionné qui a été collée à un dossier de poche carrée qui avait un soupçon de lueur .Dans le dossier de poche .nous avons conçus à deux enceintes pour informer les clients de l'emplacement de réception et d'information de l'hébergement .Le dossier de poche a été scellé avec un carré de monogramme personnalisé avec les initiales du couple .\u003cp\u003e

Jessica et moi avons travaillé en étroite collaboration pour développer ce mariage suite d'invitation pour correspondre à son esthétique et couleurs .Nous avons commencé avec un design intemporel invitation et je conçu sur mesure toutes les pièces pour le reste de la suite .Les combinaisons de couleurs d'encre .et des éléments du dossier de poche sont vastes .si Jessica a passé du temps sentir le papier .le tri à travers les couleurs de dossiers de poche et.finalement.faire des sélections qui reflètent sa vision .Jessica a choisi la typographie pour l'invitation .qui est ma spécialité .J'ai tout simplement adoré la façon dont l'ensemble du paquet est venu ensemble!Charmant.élégant .délicat et frais .
planification de l'événement: Big City Bride | Invitations: Kimberly FitzSimons | Réception Lieu: Le Drake | Photographie d'invitation: Kimberly FitzSimons | Photographie de mariage : Lauren WakefieldKimberly FitzSimons est un membre de notre Little Black Book .Découvrez comment les membres sont choisis en visitant notre page de FAQ .Kimberly FitzSimons Letterpres ... voir le
marriegegirl Jun 2014
Bien que la pluie le jour de votre mariage est l'une des choses les mariées stressent le neige le jour de votre mariage .bien disons juste que c'est magique .Surtout quand c'est une de ces belles neiges d'automne du Colorado.où les feuilles sont encore accrochés mais les petites averses de neige descendent du ciel .Brinton Studios capturé un jour et c'est tout à fait un euphémisme de dire que c'est parfait .mais là vous l'avez .Il est excellent.\u003cp\u003e

ColorsSeasonsFallSettingsRanchStylesRust­ic Elegance

De la photographe .Elyse et Chris ont.Avez- ce robes demoiselles d honneur que vous demandez ?Ils ont ce facteur X dans une relation où vous pourriez presque tangible

de ce lien mélancolique derrière leurs mots et le langage corporel .Nous鈥 檝e n'a jamais eu plus de facilité à obtenir un couple pour nous montrer comment robe de soirée grande taille ils se sentent sur l'autre .De plus .les amis de ces gars sont juste amusant !Nous avons eu un temps à robe de soirée grande taille danser incroyable et obtenir au milieu d'une petite bataille de neige impromptue qui a éclaté .Thumb Ranch du diable et de la planification enlacés fait un travail fantastique réglage de la magnifique toile de fond pour cet événement magnifique Photographie
: Brinton Studios | Wedding Planner : planification enlacés | Cérémonie Lieu: Thumb Ranch du Diable | Réception Lieu: Thumb Ranch du
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