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I found shooting stars,
but I missed to wish,
grass fields' were so wild,
your caress takes my soul,
holding my hand so tight;
my eyes were drawn to you.
Together we fell,
dived deep in the exuberance;
of the sudden rapid beating of our hearts.
The moment we took to hold,
Bird  Dec 2016
Call my Aunt Marie
Bird Dec 2016
You were my
Perfect porcelain doll
I left you buried in a garden,
like that book we both loved

I'm sorry
I seek in Prayer that you would Forgive
This Uttering Whisper cense your Penance
By the Cross and Wheel for this Dharma, live
My own Locked Fortress that Demon's Seance
Mindful do the Scriptures from Heaven remind
That once a Duty to my Sister's Lord
Invoke this Baptist; To Salvation find
The Enfavoured Trust to your Bandaged Word
Then by your God's Hopeful Mercy relay
My added Petition you both be well
Across the White March Doves mirror that Day
You and his hand - Magnificent we tell.
Such was his Title. And Excelled at that
Knowing your Wound heals, I tip-off my Hat.
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