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Kaitlyn Marie Apr 19
if you knew
you would take it back
one day the suns out
it pours the next
your heart is still here
in disguise in every act of kindness
in every good thing
Your heart is a fossil
Kaitlyn Marie Mar 19
I used to believe my poems needed an ending
But in life, things rarely end like a storybook

In Mid conversation or
They leave early
Another breath
And another laugh
The normal things
Kaitlyn Marie Mar 19
yes the years have gone by
but the scent of a burning cigarette
and kisses in between hasn't left
it may have been a dream
but I will carry it forever
maybe it wasn't too good to be true
it was true and it was good
a short time felt like a long while
how are you
time has passed and my greatest wish is for you to heal
you locked the door, every one you could find
and my smile you could see from heavens away
Venus fly trap of intrusive thoughts
a broken record of do or die
tangled up in fear and weighted down by the comfort of a blanket in the moment
if I leave my head even for a minute,
I risk delving into the deep end,
the drop off point
It holds you down in the light of day
But no one can see to believe the pain wrapped around your veins
No one can see because you wouldn't say it
You wouldn't frame it in a way that makes you seem like a villain.
Kaitlyn Marie Dec 2021
when you realize fully that what you can't control is no fault or imperfection you hold,
the most bountiful sense of relief you behold

the gloomy days aren't personal- but
the sunshine is
Kaitlyn Marie Oct 2021
A whisper
An echoe
A hummingbirds hymn
All sound the same
When you're waiting for the answer
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