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Kaitlyn Marie Apr 23
You feel uninteresting
Want to get unstuck
You strive to be part of a larger entity
But you sit and watch
Kaitlyn Marie Apr 20
Your confidence is
Like the waves forgetting how to dance
Kaitlyn Marie Feb 20
It's not all that it's cracked up to be

Sometimes I really do want you to change my mind, my way of thinking
Kaitlyn Marie Jan 30
listen to the sound of meaning and tell me if it means anything to you- the glass stains with colors of blue and grey dripping down and landing on your best intentions. don't leave me for the wolves- take me with you.

don't leave me for the wolves
or tell me to hold onto my horses
or test my patience
make me walk the tightrope-
insist that time flies-
as I'm pushed to the edge by her wind
how far can u run until u r safe
Kaitlyn Marie Nov 2020
imagine being isolated from everything you love

take those painfully intense emotions
make them be your guide to loving more, loving stronger, and being the fire that you still are, maybe just smoking, maybe you can't see anything at all.

But you were born to ignite your true colors

Even if you can't see with you heart
Kaitlyn Marie Oct 2020
Lost in the sounds of tomorrow
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