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Kaitlyn Marie May 11
why do I try so hard
and even harder when you say you aren't in a good place

I am so drawn into you that when you pull away like elastic I come too

this isn't good- I should take the hint
but you call me beautiful and sweet

this is a recipe for disaster
but then you show me your hair cut

you like me so clearly
but you aren't in a good place
you need time to sort your life out
well honey, we all need time. But time doesn't take requests

each and every new day I will ask if you are in a good place
I attract easily to those who are far
Distant hearts and minds that are somewhere I haven't been

I'm always ready to come close,
to near the airport and land your love.
And in the end,
You still blame me.

I've never been to heights like this,
But I've brought a parachute and I've reached the ground

The stars don't allign like they used to.
But neither does my smile

Daylight rocks me back into reality,
And the night lulls me into a dream I have not yet explored
Kaitlyn Marie Apr 20
Where's my wiggle room?
the space in between my heart and yours

no place to escape
the tea kettle hisses and finds an exit path

the dominoes find their way with a little push of a hand ..

And with both hands clasped,
I can cut the ties too
I'll keep my sadness at bay
where it won't spread into the depths of the unknown

maybe this way I can swim to safety
maybe I can catch a ride by a passerby

I will take a warm hand anyway
the upward curve of a smile
a glimpse of human
that's all I need
Kaitlyn Marie Sep 2023
I'm sorry that I never listen

as I listen to my heart beat in an unfamiliar way

and late at night as I lay in tear soaked pillows
I hear the rain for the fifth time this week
Kaitlyn Marie Mar 2023
and maybe I've hit the drop off point
maybe I've done all I could do

torn away the last of the good
to see what remains
and maybe I'm looking for attention
or not paying enough

dropping the ball
picking up when things were good

don't do this to yourself
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