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Kaitlyn Marie Dec 2019
the hardest truths are the simplest
but most difficult to understand
Kaitlyn Marie Dec 2019
don't expect anything

be pleasantly surprised

I knew something was wrong when I forgot to notice the sunrise
it did not make my heart chirp are my body tingle

it was another day
I am afraid
Kaitlyn Marie Sep 2019
what is it in you,

that brings forth the belief
that the sunlight just isn't for you
it's a waste to send light through her veins
when it could be used for the glint in a lovers eye
the pathway to those who die, but then find their guide

not to somebody like me
I wouldn't want to use energy with no purpose
Kaitlyn Marie Aug 2019
I see perfection covered in dust and as I wipe away yesterday I see you

You as in faded laughs and haunted doorways which remain locked till this day

You don't want me
Not even in the slightest

A fleeting moment
A nothing
Kaitlyn Marie Jun 2019
Incapable of controlling my tongue
she escorts me like my brain to my feet
a headache of me, one massive ache
uprooting my feet and making me wonder
what have I done

what do these walls know,
what do I own but the brain that explodes at the slightest *****
I'm sensitive
my feelings write my story on my face
and no one stays at the sight
Kaitlyn Marie Jun 2019
dandelions are beautiful
yet my dad is stuck on the premise of it being a ****

mow it down
rip it to shreds

a beautiful nuisance
Kaitlyn Marie May 2019
when is it my moment
I won't be warned
I won't be dressed in my best
and that's what he'll like
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