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Crystene Jan 24
Having you in my mind
Keeping the memories alive
For me to live your love

Having you in my dreams
Keeping my heart beat fast
For me to live your love

How to live without you
Longing my heart to have you
Loving you so much is my passion...
Crystene Oct 2020
Patak ng Ulan
Ay nakakabasa
Pusong nalulumbay
Hatid ay ligaya
#Wanting for love
Crystene Jul 2020
I do really love sharing my life to you, even if you are dare not inquisitive what I had been through

You will wonder why if one of these days there's no further expression coming from me in your email box

You will surprised why I do not send you a sweet missive in your inbox any longer

You will amazed why I break off to share the unfold stories of my secrets-life

You will fascinated why nobody called your name just like I do...and to call you mine.
#unnoticed #wasted #callmebymyname #wondering #LOVE
Crystene Jun 2020
It's better to say in silent...
...I Love You, my Braveheart
Crystene Jun 2020
I wanted to be home.. come home. Its funny.
I knew I had to find you
So I could say,...
"Hey, I forgive you. Move on"
But you know, its wasnt just for you...
I was for me too
Crystene Jun 2020
Why you don't admitted
That you loved me...
And then I will
Whispher to your ears
That I love you more
Crystene Jun 2020
I am strong person
But every now and then
I also need someone to take
My hands and lead and say...
..."Everything will be alright"
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