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Luna Dec 2020
This ain't no love track
Many restless nights of the love we lack
You left me so astray
if I had control, things would be a different way
I'm too young to be this wounded, my heart I feel like you looted
I don't like teaching lessons, you're ungrateful for all your blessings
Sad girl interlude, it's sad for you to assume
All the things you accused me of, hate is what we produce
No time to compromise, while you got me losing my mind
I am in my prime, I am in the deep end
You pushed me past  my limit
Not sorry for being selfish, you didn't value me when I was selfless
Our love got me on a high, my spirit is feeling very low inside
Your love is something I had to buy
In denial of what we are, so below as above
Clouded judgement from the drugs
Not the first time I fallen cause of love
Not the first time I fallen cause of love
This is how it goes, when you don't fall for the one
Wasted potential and fabricated fun
All these contradictions, provoking too much friction
Causing us to be distant
What was all this for
I'm tired of all this resistance
I thought you wanted me more
Metrical composition is my muse & sanity
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Aaron LaLux Feb 2018
We are both living our lives,
Complete within ourselves,
yet without each other,
uniting with Mother Nature when there’s no one else,

together even though we’ve never met,
wide awake like we’ve never slept,
see we wake walk in this dream world,
beings being right here now like we never left,

and I’m ready for whatever yes,
because we both the soul is always blessed,
even though this world can feel hurt and cursed,
we will not only survive but thrive & make sense of this mess,

and I could go on forever,
because that’s exactly how long we’ve gone for,
but I have a life to live so I’m going to log off now,
so I can get back on to living that life others would die for,

but before I go,
there’s one last thing I’ll say,
in order to get love,
you must give love away,
in order to feed your soul,
you must starve your ego,
so the only way to hold on,
is to finally let go,

so let go of the idea of self,
only then will you be liberated,
see there is no you nor I nor us,
there is only everlasting Light fully illuminated…

∆ LaLux ∆

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— The End —