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poetish Nov 2019
Did you just see that?
In a blink of an eye,
Memories fade.
Was it a coincidence!
No, it wasn't.
I try to recall the past,
But, oops!
I can't even remember a thing.
poetish Mar 2019
A bit bored,in the middle of nothing,
freezing and cold,
that's how she felt.
The golden heart she has,her pure soul
filled with desire,
that's all she was.
Beautiful and lovely,caring and amazing she is.
Imperfect she is,but awesome is HER.
poetish Dec 2018
I hold on to everything  
Yet I can't  seem to let anything  go
Broken shards  of
that  mock me
And fight my mind.

At night  these  thoughts,
destroy  me and take over
my soul.
And suddenly,
I find myself
Quiet  and all alone!

"It's  ok to me everything,
Yes,every  single thought"
they say.
But how will that  help when these,
Troubling  emotions,
Won't  go away!

So here I am  again
at night,
Afraid  of myself ,afraid  of the  light
And suddenly,I  find myself,
And out of control.

I feel like a lonely  star
in the sky.
In this life I  once
felt hope, but
It became difficult  to
repair  from the troubling  emotions !

My smile hides  my tears,
and you only  know
My cover!
I just  want  something
To not feel  this  terror.

I get broken each day,
Keeping  these
emotions  in my  core,
I wish I'd  find
Myself  very  soon

I won't  practise  
my smiles  in the  
mirror  or make
My fake smiles more clear,
I'm  tired  of living
behind the mask with these Troubling  Emotions !
#Troubling  emotions , # collaboration  with  Zoe G # God bless
poetish Dec 2018
Just so you know,
Yes,you are amazing.
Your light is the truth.
The one and only  you,is lovely.

No matter what,stay  YOU!
I'm not talking about me or them,
I'm talking  about  you
Reading  this!

That smile on your
Is the key  to  being  you.
Make the best  out  of every situation ,
And stay  you.
#you #stay  blessed  #GOE #smile
poetish Dec 2018
It all seems like a dream right ?
Steps back and forth
but it's  all a nightmare!

It ain't  no  coincidence it exists,
well sometimes you gotta  believe
what you can't  see.

"LIFE" four letters and boom!
It's  a mystery  
I belive my philosophy  of life is like book.

A book written  by the one,
who some believe he exists  
And others  keep questioning  his existence .

But yes,that's  the key of faith,
You and I got our own  story,
Hmm,I wonder  how they'll  be told

You can be purified  to gold,
will you pass  the  test?
A glimpse of reincarnation ,You sure your in now?

Today won't  take long ,but
Tomorrow  will be a lifetime  
Dig deep to reach your  destination!

Since this path is wide open as
air but hard to pass through
Like the ground!
#life #GOE
poetish Dec 2018
Days pass,months come,turns out years,
and all that matters is one word

The struggles ,the worries,sorrow and all,
and all that  comes to mind is a

Look! look all around you,the people  
all that  they deserve from you
is just a Smile!

You can't afford a house, car or business ,
today will end and tomorrow  is bright,
All you gotta  do  is  Smile!

If they can't  be pleased  with what you gotta do,
Or even your help,
Offer a Smile!

That! that ******  expression,
has not helped less but alot!

Make a move and succed,and IF,
your the only one happy,
Get yourself a Smile!

Doesn't  matter how long you smile ,
or even the number  of those  you do it for,
Just Smile!

If today wasn't fair enough,
through that,tomorrow  is inexplicable  

Smiling is the best medicine one could get!
poetish Dec 2018
Take my hand,
and all I'll  see is you.
Hold me tight,
and I'll  never be cold .

Talk to me,
even if it's  just for a sec
then I'll  deal with it.
Your just my mystery!

Pull me close,
closer to where I hear your heartbeat.
These imaginary thoughts,
are reality!

These ain't  hopeless feelings,
a step closer,and it's all new
This love feels  like dreams,
but ain't  dreams.

Call out my name,
and I'll know you mean it
defeat  the enemy,
And victory is yours!

#true love #much love
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