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Feb 2020
I am all the books I’ve ever read, all the movies I’ve ever seen, all the songs I’ve ever heard
I am the snippets of conversation I overhear in the dining hall
I am the scribbles on the chalkboard of my 11 am class
I am the coffee stains on my mother’s mail
I am the torn out pages of my journal
I am the whispers in library study rooms
I am the thumping music of the club I am too young to be in
I am the blood dripping from a wound made too fast too deep too careless
I am the popping in my ears as my plane steadily ascends beyond heights any person should go
I am the angry yelling I try not to hear
I am the deafening silence I wish would be interrupted
I am the heartbeat racing faster and faster and faster as I lay completely still in bed, head covered my my blanket
I am the too-loud laughter in early hours of the morning
I am the tears blurring vision as I receive bad news
I am hope
I am fear
I am hate
I am love
I am everything
the other day i asked myself, “who am i?” i think this is as close to an answer as i’ll get
Written by
monique ezeh  18/ga + nyc
(18/ga + nyc)   
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