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Jan 2018
This is the Teenager Test, To Test if You Are a Teenager. Please Comment Which Numbers Apply To You

1. Have you ever stayed up all night working on a project last minute that you forgot about?

2. Have you ever looked at your computer screen for hours, trying to come up with an idea for a paper?

3. Have you ever stressed about a test so much that you didn't sleep?

4. Have you ever had a crush on someone, but know that they don't know you exist or think that you're weird, stupid, etc..

5. Have you ever had the same crush as your best friend?

6. Have you ever had a best friend that has dated your crush, and you have to magically hold your friendship together?

7. Have you ever gotten grounded because you were trying to help your friend through a tough time but were up way too late?

8. Have you ever waited 3 minutes for a text back, but it felt like 3 hours?

9. Have you ever lost your best friend over a pointless argument?

10. Have you ever been surrounded by friends, but felt alone?

11. Have you ever realized you no longer love your s/o and have to find out how to break-up with them without hurting them

12. Have you ever lost almost all of your friends due to a break-up? Have you ever found out that your so-called "friends" only like you for your s/o?

13. Have you ever pretended that you have a s/o because no one deserves your attention?

14. Have you ever realized that life will go on no matter how much stuff life throws at your face?
Wrote this for Language Arts! What do you think? Also, comment what you think the story is!
Rylie Lucas
Written by
Rylie Lucas  16/Non-binary/Hell
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