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kaitlyn joy May 21
We spend a lifetime
Recovering from the old things
Ingrained into the mazes of our consciousness
Maybe we should think less

Consistently covering craters in the corners of our memories
Targeting all the wrong enemies, please
Take a moment
To fall into the holes you tip-toed around
Fall with purpose, fall with sound

Confront the things that chase you
That you don't understand but lace you

And only keep what you need
Or need what you keep
Whatever you do
Don't dig a hole too deep
lillium May 13
glasses raised high upon your dream
that clashes and clink between nightmares and pretty things

you’re afraid of the noises that they make
so you shut the door, and leave them in the hallway
birds chirping and voice echoing your head

choirs singing songs you don’t admire anymore
rhythm that fades as you steady your step

‘this is what you have to do’
you knitted your fingers as they tangled your hair
very cautious as you held someone else’s hand

once more you tell yourself
‘this is what I have to do’
I have to let go of my perched
that bleeds cosmos when it’s midnight
and the mess of outlining colour when the day meets the end

I have to let go of my old self
and the ones I desperately wished to come back
I have to let go of my worry
and self consciousness when it comes to a hopeless story

I have to let him go.
to be honest with you I don't really get what I wrote
Annie May 12
You made a fool out of me
Or did I do it to myself?
We both played around
For a while, we called it love

Now I am walking through the city
Trying to catch emotions again
It’s hard to like someone
So dressing up is surely in vain

I’m spinning around my room
Dancing to the music in my head
Who knew, love and hate
Good and sin, all go with red?

I’m still thinking of where
I went wrong -made you walk away
Must have been the way I adored you
Could’ve been something you said

Yet how foolish are we?
Trying to find love in our fights
Holding on to each other’s hands
Letting go whenever the picture gets a little less bright
Rob Metz May 10
Awakened by the crashing sounds of the storm, the old man lay afraid,
Not by the storm itself, but by the fear of what lies in the dark unrestrained.
He’s spent his days collecting items of intrigue and boastful of all combined,
But now as the lights have vanished, his wants and desires soon redefined.

He stumbles. The house shakes with each blow of light from the Gods,
The very thing he needs also sees to tease in flashes. What are the odds?
Prized possessions become meaningless as he rages through the home,
Searching for a light, a glimmer of hope to conquer this storm alone.

The sounds of shattering glass and the bangs of trinkets and literature,
He falls, crawls, and bawls through the damage, as light dances a broken picture.
The old man wishes he would have never left the safety of his warm cozy bed,
But fear pushed him forward, now, keeps him lost and stalemate inside his head.

He lies waiting for the storm to pass as the darkness consumes his will,
He ponders the thought of the fear that’s sought, his curiosity gaining its fill.
His possessions were an obsession of filling a void whose depth was in question,
Gone in an instance of subjection, his actions forward will serve the lesson.

He moves. Pushing against fear was a force he never once recognized,
Self-preservation became the illumination of what was missing in his life.
No more boasting, and not a mutter more of what fake flattery has in store,
For the storm that took everything will leave behind a man reborn.
Don’t rely on items to fill the void in your life or what others think your life should consist of.
your name is a trigger
for being wanted,
but not loved all the way through.
for being mirror that only reflects the good in you when you feel bad, sad or lonely.
your face triggers seeing myself walking on eggshells
and keeping one foot out the door in love.
your hands are a trigger for being held not tight enough and not nearly long enough.
your existence is a trigger of unrequited love that won’t stop
or fall apart like it should.
Mallory May 8
Thank you for seeing me
the way I was starving to be seen.
For sharing with me
the parts of myself
few people have been able to find,
especially me sometimes.
Thank you for the nights
you made me feel less alone
in the world.
Even if just for an instant.
To know a soul like yours exists
know this: I hope you find someone who sees it.
Let’s hold it,
feel it on our fingertips,
for one last moment.
And be grateful it even existed at all.
Thank you,
thank you,
thank you.
You have been a sparge
of light through dark
my Reece.
Thank you for this recharge
and for this release.
Do we stan a name drop?
1) Muster all the courage you could, take these foreign roads, see that they stretch out longer than the well-lit streets you used to walk together,
2) Remember how fear was cold metal, iron weight on your mouth,but you took the blade between your teeth, kissed the edges all for his glory,
3) If you have walked miles and miles in the landmine of his heart, each step anticipating an unwanted end, tell me, darling, what else could render you petrified?
4) Remember, your bones didn’t rattle, your skin didn’t betray you, your resolve didn’t crumble when you saw all the ****** remains confined in his closet, so why are you shaken now?
5) You learned how to fold yourself to make room for his doubts, his fears, his demons that go beyond the realms of his self-made prison, so why do you now refuse to occupy the space that had always been yours?
6) You’ll drive away, you’ll stop thinking who else could be seated in the front with him, you’ll stop feeling him next to you as he traces the lines of your hand like a map, as if you were actually headed towards anywhere other than the cul-de-sac where you first found this love
7) And there are other places left for you to fill other than the void inside that boy,the world gets so much bigger than the haven you found in his room
8) You’ll crawl your way up to the pedestal, grant yourself all the power you have been denied in the name of being more for other people when they treated you less than what you deserve
9) Baby, swear with all the sad rage of a girl that only served as a cigarette break that you will forgive, that one day you’ll sit across a boy with vacant eyes and you wouldn’t flinch,because he’s just a boy and you are so much more.
10) You are so much more.
**** what gurl idk anymore
emily Sarker Apr 27
One day
We will meet again.
You will once again look at me with the sparkle in your eyes,
And I'll notice you starring.
I'll give back that smile you fell in love with.
One day we will cross paths again
And you will chase after me
To once again say
"Hello my name is....."
We will fall in love again like the first day we did, and this time it will be the right time
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