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Words' Worth Oct 2020
The girl caught in the wire
Knows the right way and shows fiery pride
Instead, of taking the sunshine and more
Clasping the delicate rays with her parched palms

Leaving desolate prisoners inside
A dark day made only of steel cages
They will let in the light, those lying in the shadow
It's blazing outside, it is bright

Cold waters will calm, then turn the tide
Soon the cursed world will die
Women can see the sun when it swallows the earth
It is a ball of hope saving them from guns and guards

Their dreams will turn to ashes
Mothers with empty wombs love them just the same
To them their daughters haven't seen the rain
The sun grins from behind grey clouds and sighs

Soon, freedom will come within their reach, fast
And these daughters will get stuck deeper
The dream slips faster than sand in an hourglass
They deserve love from the depths of hell itself

Until one of them dies by the bullet or ****** disease
They don't belong to them, do they?
These pigs moan if their houses are made of gold
The white men want oil fields with them working
Such injustice has gotten beyond the point that people can turn a blind eye. You need to vote to bring focus on how the black people are getting treated. Its been like this, since the 1600s, and it saddens me that many will let it go on. I live in a different country, but I know this is the right thing to write for people who need to hear this. For those who are unaware, ignorant, and need  to get disabused about slavery, please wake up. It's all on the news.
Bhill Dec 2019
What is about the wind that comforts or troubles one
The constant howling as it bends and swirls through barriers
Trees waving their branches as it engulfs and swallows them up
Moving water past their natural breaks
Changing the landscape of deserts like a painter with his canvas
Sand dunes creating new and ever-shifting raw formations
And when it ends...
The silence is unexpected and so, so quiet

Brian Hill - 2019 # 326
Do you like the wind?
His face blue
He raises it through
Can you find a utopian loop
Where people’s grace grew?

Her face is red
A misplaced puzzle zoo
There is no wall to climb 
But into a wall of bricks

Will more people and more walls
Another sequel with another fall
She dreams a wall is ineffective.
Although he has built doors for a world at war.
The big brothers in, the heavier the doors 
She knows how Tu Fu escaped from a bamboo wall

Iambic Tetrameter
By Angel. XJ. 28/11/ 2019
Kayu Venture Mar 2019
Invincible for the empire roman;
That fury and vengeance was his language;
How Viriathus as vanquish around 200 years;
And lusitânia wasn't clears;

Port du graal was it's the place;
How was hidden the Holy Graal;
The secrets and wars was case;
And raise the Portugal;

The Kingdom for war and conquer ;
Was spoken by a glory Europe;
The spanish, french,english and Dutch ;
Bowed over the mighty Avis Master;

The glory and death of The Empire ;
Was not clear , the kindgom was gone;
The King D.Manuel II wasn't the bel;
But was bare wire;

Know Lusitania is lost;
So high is the cost?;
We never know the reason;
But Iberians gonna be the new season;
Marye Minstrel Jun 2017
The river is so hard to see
Rushing by below
The fog is thick, so none will be
Affected when I go

The water seems so close, so far
Reaching out a hand
To hold me near when life is hard
A grave of shining sand

The bridge, the wind, are hard and cruel
Silent to my pain
The world that takes me for a fool
Here taunting me again

The leap, the rush, the silent death
Dancing through my mind
Slow sinking as I take a breath
The suicide is kind

But then she takes me by the arm
Looks into my eyes
We turn and walk back to the car
I do not want to die
Thomas Shepherd Aug 2016
Wo immer du bist, was immer du tust
Wie dir es auch geht - ob schlecht oder gut
Sei dir bitte stets zu jeder Zeit treu,
dem offnen Gespräch zu keiner Zeit scheu
Schau öfter auf dich, hör andren gut zu
Genieß was du hast und komm mal zur Ruh
Die Zeit vergeht echt, schneller als man denkt
Lebensmomente - das wahre Geschenk
Dear reader, you know that we’re cursed
By our nature’s decadent thirst
At the hand of the devil
We’re drawn unto evil
But it’s boredom that’s really the worst!
A literary limerick reduction of Baudelaire's Au Lecteur.
Stardust Sep 2015
aber meine gedanken kreisen um dich
tag und nacht
aber es macht mich verrückt
denn jeder erinnerung
entgleitet mir stunde für stunde
minute für minute
werden es weniger details
ich werde fast wahnsinnig
deine augen
dein lächeln
dein lachen
deine worte
alles in mir will sich genau erinneren
doch die erinnerung fließt hinfort
mit dem fluss der zeit
den ich gerne anhalten würde
nur für einen moment.
J Golem Apr 2015
Jeg tror mennesket stræber efter ansvarsløshed. Vi bliver født uden ansvar; i den totale afmagt. Til sidst er vi ligeså skrøbelige og uselvstændige som i begyndelsen, og ind i mellem det og den, så prøver folk at påtage sig opgaver og roller for at tildele årene og dagene noget værdi. Hertil følger ansvar. Men frihed under ansvar er ikke frihed. Når man erkender, at man forsøgte at tillægge noget nogen værdi, så er man bundet af frigørelsen. Så ser man at uanset hvilken værdi, man har lyst til at give, kan man give, så værdien pludselig får værdi, og man frigøres fra frigørelsen. Det er frihed uden ansvar og selvstændighed og årets frugt.
AnnaStorm Dec 2014
Hvor er jeg alene med mine øjeblikke
Som jeg sidder her fyldt op med dem
Det kradser af dig i min hals
Men jeg kan ikke hoste nu
Hvor er jeg ene om at kende de ord
Hoste dem op og gengive dem
I mit øre er der stille som dødt vand
Men halsen er forlængst stoppet til
Jeg kan ikke tale, ikke fortælle
Og til hvem skulle jeg det
Som om øjeblikkene stoppede da du forsvandt
Jeg smager på dine mørke øjne
Og holder om dine ord til de sidder fast på min hånd
Klistrer som din stemme på mine læber
Min mund er tør
For du har taget det hele

— The End —