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Sarah Quinn Sep 2020
is deciding
that your sadness
will no longer
speak for you.
Sarah Quinn May 2019
is eating Ritz crackers
at 2 am
while flipping through your
Pokemon card collection.
Sarah Quinn May 2019
I used to wish mine were
green - like the forests -
or blue - like the oceans -
or grey - like my grandfather's.

It wasn't until
you told me
there was gold
- like the earth -
in my irises,
that I started
to believe.

(Maybe, just maybe,
there's beauty in me after all.)
Sarah Quinn May 2019
I will grow
or without
  Apr 2019 Sarah Quinn
others come and go
you will always be permanent
even if you aren't mine any longer
i keep telling myself im over it
  Apr 2019 Sarah Quinn
alexa j l
you know, they say
there is light at the end of the tunnel
but tell me,
how long must this journey last
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