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EmilyBatdorf May 15
Without the sun
the flower fails to bloom,
curled in with her sadness and gloom.
With no flowers out
the sun fails to rise,
to spread his rays across the sky
and bring his warmth and cheer,
Two beings on different times
leading to each of their demise,
stars lined up solemnly
as the moon bears witness
to this tragedy.
He who is poor, helpless and hungry
Is also half-naked or fully undressed
But still he doesn't choose to beg
Instead chooses to do hard labour
He's actually the real shameless

To refrain him from his shame
A law is essentially required
It's also very urgently required
The law should be named as
Shame Reform law
What Law is urgently required to be made an enacted??
{Based On my hindi poem 'कानून बनना चाहिए'
Traveler Mar 30
My argument
Is legally sound
The evidence
Speaks for itself
I’d bind it over
Capital Hill with it
But of course
Who can one trust?
Our corrupt media
Is quite
Ripe for adjournment
Traveler Tim
by Michael R. Burch

after William Blake


Many a sun
and many a moon
I walked the earth
and whistled a tune.

I did not whistle
as I worked:
the whistle was my work.
I shirked

nothing I saw
and made a rhyme
to children at play
and hard time.


Among the prisoners
I saw
the leaden manacles
of Law,

the heavy ball and chain,
the quirt.
And yet I whistled
at my work.


Among the children’s
daisy faces
and in the women’s
frowsy laces,

I saw redemption,
and I smiled.
Satanic millers,

were swayed by neither girl,
nor child,
nor any God of Love.
Yet mild

I whistled at my work,
and Song
broke out,
ere long.

Keywords/Tags: Orpheus, singer, poet, William Blake, whistle, Satanic, mills, manacles, law, leaden, ball, chain, prison, song, freedom
Big Virge Mar 26
So Things Have STEPPED UP Now ...
To What Clearly Amounts ...
To A ... GLOBAL Lockdown ... !!!
Cos We’re Facing A War ...
UNLIKE ... ANY Before ... !!!
But Who’s Really Sure ...
What They’re Fighting For ... ???
Fighting For Life Is Reaching New Highs ...
While Political Guys Now ... POLITICISE ...
How It Is That The Masses Now Live Their Lives ...  
Inside And Online ...
NO Going Outside ... !!!
Unless Your Willing ...
To Make A KILLING ...
By Showing Off BUTTS And The TOP of Thighs ...
For ***** Guys Still Willing To Buy ...
A Lapdance While Receiving Food ...
And That’s Some Truth That’s Now In View ... !!!!!!!!
Incredible Yes But Don't Ever Forget ...
That The Selling of *** Will Never End ...
That’s Right Even When Contact Can Cause Death ... !!!
Dollars And Cents ...  
Are Still Needed YES ...
At A Time Where The Dow Is Going ... DOWN ...
Due To LOCKDOWNS Across Numerous Towns ... !!!
So The Pound Right Now ...
Isn’t Quite As Sound On Foreign Grounds ...
Because It’s Value Is Going ... SOUTH ... !!!
So It’s Causing Frowns And Furrowed Brows ...  
And Clearly Now ...
Is Sending Markets CRASHING ...
Economic Panic Due To This Pandemic ...
No Crunch Or Credit ...
But When You Really Check It ...
Now Monetary Moves ...
Are Being ... Suspended ...
Instead of  Just Being ENDED ... !!!
Lockdown Loans And Mortgage Quotes ...
Ah But That’s A NO GO For Corporate Folks ...
They’ll Want Their Dough When The Virus Slows ... !!!
... Think About It YO ... !!!
Do You Think That Cashflow ...
Has The Virus In Tow ... ???
It May Well Do ...
And May Well Affect YOU ... !!!
So Play It Cool ...
Don’t Make Dud Moves ...
That May Well Prove To Not Be Shrewd ...
Don’t Spend Like A Clown ...
Cos’ of Government Mouths ...
I Suggest You Take Time ...
To Really THINK About ........................................
The Long Term Affects ...
of This ... Corona ...
........ “ Lockdown “ ........ !!!!!
Well folks, the inspiration for this, needs no explanation !
Just please try to be wise and thoughtful people ......

This is the third of my, Corona Poem Series !!!

The First two being,
The Corona Virus and Heading .....
Der Abschied (“The Parting”)
by Bertolt Brecht
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

We embrace;
my fingers trace
rich cloth
while yours encounter only moth-
eaten fabric.
A quick hug:
you were invited to the gay soiree
while the minions of the "law" relentlessly pursue me.
We talk about the weather
and our eternal friendship's magic.
Anything else would be too bitter,
too tragic.

German text:

Der Abschied

Wir umarmen uns.
Ich fasse reichen Stoff
Du fassest armen.
Die Umarmung ist schnell
Du gehst zu einem Mahl
Hinter mir sind die Schergen.
Wir sprechen vom Wetter und von unserer
Dauernden Freundschaft. Alles andere
Wäre zu bitter.

Published by Poetry on Demand, The HyperTexts and Ghani Project

Keywords/Tags: Bertolt Brecht, German, translation, parting, farewell, ****, law, minions, henchmen, thugs, pursuit, chase, embrace, hug, rich, cloth, threadbare, soiree, dinner, meal, event, eternal, friendship, bitter, weather, exile
my way
is this
boundless spirit
of sound
splashing and
wise that
keen to
law this
Prodigy and
express thier
existence here
in count
with drama
and material
is facto
and witness    
of nation
ritual of law
A B Faniki Jan 6
My book of life is
Made of stone tablet and fill
with Ten commandment
© A B Faniki 001/06/2020  all rigth reserved . A haiku about one of the great things in life books
on my fridge
is a sheet
of yellow notebook paper
worn at the edge
from intent,
trigger happy,

"is your warrant signed by a judge?"
those words are lighthearted

to a few, who
escape the thumbs
of law boys.

so clear,
their flesh.
no ink

blots on records
kept clean
by the sweatless brow
of towers so high
that clouds
veil gargoyles gazing imperiously
at each passerby.

"is your warrant signed by a judge?"
to the few who've become many
Those words are heavy,
too heavy

Borne ink

blots falling from plumes
of justices too weak
to hold a bar

examinations recorded in each drip
down the corrugations
of a city center obelisk

worn at the edges
by the sculptor's blade
and the broken shields of
pawing prisoners
put away like leftover

Schools of sardines
swimming circles above the stone
pinwheel of old codes
kept real by the rise

and fall of handsome abusers
Hard done by.

"Is your warrant signed by a judge?"
Carlo C Gomez Dec 2019
It's not about the final destination
but rather, how good the attorney
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