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Because “Harm” (cool nickname) and “Mac” (again!)
Being both in the Navy and also at the same time
Are doubly entitled to be officious, full of **** and themselves
Yet really are
in spite of this entitlement
two of the most lovable Lawyers no, Characters no, people no, beings no, spirits
in the history of
shows at 9pm no, prime time television no, television no, theater no, performance arts no, arts no, art no, human experience
I think I went maybe 1 too far
That short fat chubby guy whose name I can't at this point remember (he's sadly funny)
The Admiral
who always seems to be
at a minimum
mildly *******
at all times
reminding us
that while “Harm” and “Mac”
are off at home
near the end of the show
enjoying their lives
The Admiral will be, (usually) unshown, in the wee hours
in his office, pushing the paper
that makes the World go Round
trf Nov 2018
Two loose dimes and a couple quarters,
blue lights bright, better call my lawyer,
rosé red wine and a chimney for ya,
back to the future, hallelujah.

Turn a blind eye, like JonBenét,
let this Louisville wind blow out my escalade,
my fight or flight senses are about to say,
take your suede steel tip shoes and go ándele.

Those Derby blues, ruin days,
that Kentucky green, man I'm bound to pay,
cell phones in your prison's promenade,
they both passed the bars and now one's on the way.
the cell phone service in l-ville jail is top notch, btw
Jon Thenes Mar 2017
A murmur of Lawyers show up at my door
Shy on thier woes
and all a shell of supposed business
They brush off their feet
and form a bray
about the perimeter of the living room
It is to be a patterwork of fabrication
a dusting of 'truths' and angles
a murderwork
a carrion of conclusion
an exhaustion
an enemy
a sick thing
and I opened the door
I invited it in
Francie Lynch Jun 2016
The courtroom was buzzing,
Deals were struck,
Before Her Worship
Heard from the docket.

Will Luke be saved.

A line of roguish consorts
All on Legal Aid,
Paraded before Her,
In judical chains.

And the lawyers are asking
About The Game of Thrones.

There are too many cops,
All creased and shiny,
Carrying file folders,
Outling the crimes.

I was a spectator,
Small in my corner,
As Luke went to stand
Before his maker,
Before his deal breaker.

All charges dropped,
As if a matter of course;
Except for the charges
From the laswyer and court.
Simple possession charges in Canada will soon be expunged when *** becomes decriminalized and legal.

— The End —