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i see you
holding so much sadness and pain
full of emptiness
full of misunderstanding
things you never deserved
imprinted on your flawless skin
i can almost touch the scars of your soul
i love yall
7 billion people on this earth and i chose you
to write about
to talk about
to dream about
to think about
to love
but you didnt
6.999.999.999 people
ugh i really loved him
i know how to love
but i dont know how to believe im loved
if a poet falls in love with you,
the love will never die.
it's always gonna be alive in her/his/them poems
words are never forgotten
that song started playing
and it reminded me of you

that song ended
and it reminded me of us too
music songs heartbreak
my friend told me 'its gonna get better'
but what if i don't want it to get better?
what if i'm scared to end this pain?
it's the only thing that connects me to you
it's the only moment where i can really feel you
for some reason i don't want this pain to end
short quick poem
euphoric jinx Jan 29
all i did is care
all you did is lie
sometimes you were the person i knew
sometimes you were the person i'd regret

all these lovely words you said
were nothing more than lies
it was hard to listen to them
but it was even harder listening to them
while you were showing me the opposite

you said you weren't like everyone else
and you were right
because you're worse

and i ask myself every day
why do i keep writing about you?
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