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Moth Aug 2019
sweet little kitty
with soft fur and gentle purrs
who wouldn't love you?
All the sweet kitties at the Humane Society make me squeal! Who would get rid of all these adorable felines? I wish I could adopt them all.
She's my Kitty Cat.
When I pet her,softly..
She purs.
Music to my ears.
When I'm scared or I am Lonely
She rubs against me, oh so gently.
She doesn't have to say a word.
she already knows.
How I feel.
So true to my words.
She cheers me, with her eyes, as she sees me grow.
Never selfish.
However, not quite an "open giver"
She knows how to give me passion
Shows the world her own unique  and  hot "fashion"
Inner Beauty
and some soft fir.
Watch us stroll down the road
Enjoying one another's company
as we push off
Life's gritty and heavy loads.
Arisa Mar 2019
I am the slither of fur in the night,
Glint of moonlight which captures the sleek
of a cat's back
And the ghostly glow
of a cat's eyes.
I once saw a beautiful black cat while walking home one night.
Brent Kincaid Jun 2018
Little kitty, how do you do it?
You tickle me so, like you knew it,
Like  you knew that turn of head
Would drag me right out of my bed
To come play with you with string
And a whiffle ball and most anything
That dangles or wobbles and bounces
So you can prepare for a grand pounce.

You delight me, little cat, immensely
And I am quite sure that eventually
You’ll grow into being a lazy cat
To fat to fight, or play or even spat.
But you’re a kitty now and there are
Kitty fairies around like falling stars
Ready for you to be very wary of
And for me to wish upon with love.

Yes, little kitty, you are the true star
In the heaven of my life now, you are
What I miss when I go to work, and
When I return just as I planned
There you are, yawning from a nap
Ready to crawl into my welcoming lap
And ready to play a little bit more or
To just go back to sleep and kitty snore.
Robin Carretti Jun 2018
Cat-like lotto being scratched off
Shades dressed to the nines
Cat Women whites and Gray's
Pulling out her men's hairballs

Chatty Patty pancakes hearts
online more calcium her
bone Inn limit
Thank God! its' Friday
However, did it come to
the number 13 Orange
Pumpkin heads
Minus the 4 days she
needed her nine lives
back in bed

So finicky to test our time
Pulling all strings her nose cute
as a  black spot button,
Beguiled black baby cat on
her futon Miss pretty Kitty

He's the Navy Seal
The coach sealing the deal
Having *** appeal from
Heaven to earth 4 For 4
Wendy Tuna smells
Fortune tells the Luna
Cat on hot tin roof tiger print tabby,
The Egyptian Robbie dancer
starry eye glancer in the long
narrow alley Maggie May
The heating cooking up his
finicky paw the last
religious supper huge day
The black cat she's got 
 hot legs I love you honey

Rod Stewart forever young
On the ladder kitten gloves of money

Lady in cat print what
Cat's meow man handlers
Not one flaw over her dresser
Becoming the cat calculator

Fiddler on Roof Lechaim
to Life maybe it's not what
it seems
Hollywood Stray Cats big
bang theory what priority
Black Coach  secrets Victoria
Women like cats in her diary
Windmills of the Gods

The Hail Mary mastery
Tell me your dreams
Don't spill the milk
How love drops sewed me
in silk thread the test of time
We shouldn't test ourselves
like an unfortunate crime
About time knowing oneself
Well the cat got your tongue
Chosen one shelf

Like a book  going stale
We need them
Cat Coach matchmaker
You're the miracle worker
The book speaks without
being told
But how quickly our hearts
could be sold now taking
the bar exam
And your "Miss Kitty"
making her best-baked yams
So illegally you stoled all the pink
His smile is playing on me
His tiger eyes  Cat Coach so tempted
And like hot shepherds pie flicked
It's not bad luck to see a cat
when you had lied
You get what you give
Something gives how fate pulls

Dreaming/Cat fusion/Cat Valley-pay
Just love the way he makes you feel
Not in harm's way home cooked meal
Like Independence day cool

Kissing your money goodbye
Two glasses of wine Athens
Bigger than life Black cat
Demonstrator making her
own world of peace
German tour bus
Sparkling beer and good
cheer black cat like a
good soldier
under the chair
Dark blue sailor
He was in the alley
With cans and faded glory
You would never realize
he had a cat story
The ancient days of Gladiators
All imitators full moon black cat

Came way too soon
Bodies of the women
were sold
Roman EmpireTrump
got hired play trumpets
But darkness prevails
Like the treachery
The California dreaming
but the truth primary
Love wilderness or blind love
wildfire but brings tenderness
She said, my husband,
died happily and the other lady
told her___?
But he was happy to die
From the old world or new
We get cat licked
New world marries right away
An old world  it takes 1 to 2 years
But cats life will be even better
Nine lives you could wait
Are defeat you fall into
his bait
__tails Cat dynasty
Spartacus like bonafide
Princesses in the Coach
Teaching at the college
Taking a long tree ride
Get roared out Big Tigers
coach Please Papa Preach
About Cats, I wanted to jazz this up I hope you love milk and even silk we need new threads lets dream on or go the alley make an undescribable supper maybe a little Dr. Seuss in my poem
Elizabeth Zenk May 2018
Leaping so gently
Eyes glowing they see what you can't
The Midnight Cat stalks
Nicholas Fonte May 2018
There was always this girl
She would sit across the room
It's not like she would twirl
Or give off this swirl
But I always found myself
Looking over at her
People would talk to her
Commonly, but she would keep to herself
For the most part
And she was indeed pretty
But that in itself
Wasn't what drew my gaze
She had this...air
About her, you see
I never was able to define
Quite what it was
I saw it in the way she walked
Her voice in the way she talked
I was how she carried herself
It's that air...that grace
That's what drew in my stare
She was just simply divine
But that air carried something else
I could feel...loneliness
She walked everywhere alone
Commonly on her phone
In class she always acted on her own
I just felt that there was something more
She seemed like an abandoned cat
No.... She was more like a kitty
She wasn't that violent or standoffish
And she's more calm than an acrobat
She seemed to strive towards independence
That's what drew in my stare
It reminded me of...myself
Maybe that's why I saw loneliness
We both stood our ground
And helped others around
And I too act on my own
Unlike her, however, I don't shine
I'm too much of a rusted robot
I never was able to understand
What others feel
I only look at necessity
What I currently need
Nothing else mattered
My stare was by chance
Then grew to curiosity
Now I can no longer conceal
My newfound confusion
That girl across the room
I can see her dance
Only in my head
She still din't twirl
Nor did she give off a swirl
She's just an ordinary person
Nothing special nothing else
Certainly superior to myself
We rarely walked with each other
We rarely talked with each other
Where did this come from?
What was mere chance
Turned into a feeling I knew nothing of
I now feel love
And I want to move this plot
I need to rise above
Anything to have her look at this robot
For my gaze has turned into a daze
Please I want you to take my hand
And let me stand by your side
I don't want to be outside
And no I don't want to be inside
By Your Side
For you have filled my my heart
And have given me a new start
But you are still that girl across the room
The girl who is pretty
The girl who isn't awkward
The girl who seems lonely
The girl who only dances in my eye
You still haven't returned my stare
I know why
You are a kitty
We remain independent
I'm just staring at my doom
I don't care
I won't leave you abandoned
I will find a way
I will rise above that lie
I will eventually get you to see me
My newfound wish
For this Kitty and this robot
To meet under the light
To prove love's might
I know it drags on but come on, its the first time I wrote my feelings out for a girl I liked so cut me some slack. Also the name "Yume" is actually the Japanese word for "dream" and to me, Yume also sounds like a name so I thought it was a very fitting title. Plus, Yume actually is my favorite Japanese word. (Also good luck catching that rhyming scheme)
Lexi May 2018
A boy, a smile, a thought.

Your sweet words electrocute my walls that hide how weird I am. Leaving me babbling and embarrassing myself.

A text, a joke, a laugh

Your humour and smart-assy retorts I’ll ask what your doing right now and you will explain in detail how you are sitting and whether or not it’s comfy.

Eye contact, funny face, shaking head

Oh sweet boy you don’t yet understand the game. I stick my tongue out at you and you are supposed to copy. But instead you smile and laugh and look away.
I don’t know what this is but I haven’t written in a while so I need you to write something.
Haylin Apr 2018
Wetter than any weather
the better the wetter
deeper than any sea
shaved perfectly; lovely
lips that tightly squeeze
my hard rod and pleasure me
plush gush running a stream
delicious taste; fulfilling my need.
Captain Lucas Feb 2018
Oh how you wish this war had never begun
in consequence of that, you were not allowed to feel the sun
in almost every start of page, you wrote down "Dear Kitty,"
and as a concern you asked Peter, if she was pretty

Now it feels like I am the new Anne Frank from new decade
the difference is that depression is my enemy, it won't let me scape
through moments of dark, you showed me how I could be more strong
through moments of clarity, we both suffered because of bomb

Well, if the nature brings solance in all troubles as you said
I hope fear, loneliness and unhappiness gets out of my head
Inspired by Anne Frank's Story and mixed with my usual life. She is an inspirational person for me... The fact that she had been in the Secret Annex for a few years makes me relate because I stayed inside my house without going out for a while. The difference between is that she wasn't allowed to and I have the right but for depression I resigned that.
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