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Hello Daisies Jan 2019
I like it
The feeling
Of you inside

I want it
The heart beat

I feel filthy
naked with you
On top

I desire it
You moaning
Pleasures into

I used to be inoccent
How boring
I hated

I like being
Why don't you spank

I'll call you
While everyone else hates

God please
This is a little uh yeah but also yeah
Vener Jun 2018
When he kisses me,
I repeat this in my head,
'Kinkshame, not kinksame'
A little bit of humor never killed anybody :'> i find it cute when someone is trying hard not to give in even if they want to ;v;
Let's take a minute,
Look at yourself in the mirror.
Look at your eyes,
do they shine?
Does your smile look straight?
Are your ears too wide?
Is your nose too big?

Move down a bit.
Your neck to thick?
Too many sunspots?
Adequate chest size?

Now look at your body.
Do I have enough curves?
Big enough hips?
Tiny waist?

No matter what I see,
Someone will find a flaw.
It doesn't matter how much weight I gain
Or how much I lose...
How much plastic surgery I have,
They are never satisfied.

Does it matter what they think?
Can you live your life without them?
Why not love yourself,
And see how that goes.

Self love is important,
You are all you got.
Before you can love someone else,
You must love yourself.

Someday someone will love you,
For your quirks and kinks.
They'll call you beautiful,
And forget about your flaws.

You deserve more than a second glance.
Someone will come your way.
Be patient and love yourself
You don't know who will come your way.
Karisa Brown Sep 2017
I want to be spanked
held down in knots

Black tar dripping
From my
Porcelien body

Yours forever
If you'll
Keep me

I want to be begged
Jadded and screwy
All the ****** up
Things that we
both need

I need to be alivened
Dead and
All at

Hanging from
The ceiling
While you
Watch me
cv Jul 2017
choke me*, you gasp in the blinding heat of your embrace
his movements falter but return with more vigour, as if such a thing was possible
you guide his hands to your neck as if guiding a child lost in his path;
and yes, maybe you both are still children
trying to find ways to survive in each other
his nails dig into your pulse, into your airways
and never have you been more intimate
he is inside you,
within the cages of your ribs
and your lungs try to gasp for air
but it really doesn't change anything much
(you've been breathless around him for quite awhile, after all)
you still seek for his lips,
his tongue in your mouth;
you want to **** everything from him
into you
until you both become too entangled
and neither of you could be distinguished from the other
choking these emotions, *******
I look down on you without pity
The view is breathtaking from up here
I could never abuse you, use you, confuse you
But I will spit on you and pull your hair.
It's one thing to push you around
It's another to call you mine
It's one thing to kiss you on the nose
It's another to fill you with wine.
You beg you plead you kiss my feet
I come down from the sky's above
Because even though I call you my pet
I do it out of true love
Mokomboso Oct 2014
Sneak up on me, like a ghost train attraction
Garishly make your announcement, so disgusting
Penetrating my psyche, scour through my memories
Finding that one trigger that makes me crazy
I found no wonderland, falling down the rabbit hole
No Cheshire cat to riddle me home
Each page turns, each page gets worse
But still, you penetrate my psyche
You won’t give up until you’ve won and I’m done
We all have it, that image that pleases, eases
I can’t leave now, I’m afraid I’m stuck
Further down the rabbit hole I hurtle
Desensitised, defeated, we admit it
You get off to this
Side with the enemies we can’t beat
I shall serve you on a silver platter my inner sickness
Basque in the flow of my **** sodden prose
The white flag has flown, I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole
“That’s enough internet for one day”
About someone finding their personal kinks by accident.

— The End —