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Let's take a minute,
Look at yourself in the mirror.
Look at your eyes,
do they shine?
Does your smile look straight?
Are your ears too wide?
Is your nose too big?

Move down a bit.
Your neck to thick?
Too many sunspots?
Adequate chest size?

Now look at your body.
Do I have enough curves?
Big enough hips?
Tiny waist?

No matter what I see,
Someone will find a flaw.
It doesn't matter how much weight I gain
Or how much I lose...
How much plastic surgery I have,
They are never satisfied.

Does it matter what they think?
Can you live your life without them?
Why not love yourself,
And see how that goes.

Self love is important,
You are all you got.
Before you can love someone else,
You must love yourself.

Someday someone will love you,
For your quirks and kinks.
They'll call you beautiful,
And forget about your flaws.

You deserve more than a second glance.
Someone will come your way.
Be patient and love yourself
You don't know who will come your way.
Sara Jones May 2015
She looks down at her body
And closes her blue eyes
It takes all of her self-control
To not start crying
Because as these girls are proclaiming
How proud they are to be skinny
The only thing she can think is
“I’m trying to be okay with myself.”
Because as she looks at her toes,
She sees her *******
And her stomach
And her feet
She thinks she’s so fat
Or so ugly
But so do caterpillars
Before they realize their potential
For butterflies
For everyone who feels they aren't beautiful: you are.
Page 28 of Trouble: Pages of a Teenage Mind

— The End —